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I can get by with 6 guys but it depends on the situation. We gonna have to see.

I can take armoured division.

Will join if nothing comes up. Might help in leading as well  :)


The Nano Armor Cloaking gives 2 benefits:
-it adds shield capacity
-it gives resistance to small arms while cloaked

The load-out I described here, is able to kill a heavy infantry head-on in a fair fight. The nano armor cloak is really needed for this gameplay.
With this load-out, I was able to take A points alone, against 3 to 5 man on point.
This is also where the medkit comes in.
You take out the first 1 or 2 guys, you run outside, do the medkit and go back in to take out the rest.

Ofcourse this is only 1 possible gameplay out of many possible gameplays the infiltrator is able to do :)

Yeah sure I just don't find those benefits useful that's what I'm saying I rely on quirky movement and quick melees to take out heavies, works like a charm for me.

Infiltrator is all about fast paced gameplay. Always running and being as crazy as possible.

Scout rifles are good and all but I do not prefer them personally. I'm more used to the high damage of sniper rifles and then finishing it off with a sidearm, which for me is always the Commisioner. 

Also Nano Armor Cloaking is not that good. If you plan on getting shot you're doing it wrong. Hunter Cloaking ftw.

Bouncing Betties and EMP are mandatory. Implants I use are Counter Intelligence and Sensor Shield.

But hey everone to their own I guess and there are many ways you can play each class.

This still up?

Sounds fucking nice. About time we focused on some armor play as well. Looking forward to this.

Hope the racer chassis on the vanguard doesn't feel like sliding on butter anymore

Recruitment Archive / Re: Spiralou
« on: 21/09/2017, 17:10 »
Welcome. Dont forget to join our TS

Can count on me for taking SL

Are we set for this. Seems like we are still discussing organization. Would be nice to know before hand.

RE4 Operations / Re: Construction system and inventory
« on: 02/09/2017, 11:15 »
I feel you @mas17

RE4 Operations / Re: Construction system and inventory
« on: 28/08/2017, 09:41 »
i have a wall

For what I stayed, I think we did alright.

Suggestion. Squad leaders say where they are going and Platoon Leader places their waypoint. Just so we get an idea where everyone is.

Will try to make it

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