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Author Topic: July 27, 2022 - PC Hotfix  (Read 96 times)

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27/07/2022, 00:05


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All PC servers will come down for the following update on Wednesday, July 27, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CEST). Downtime for this update is expected to last up to 2 hours.


Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Fixed an issue that would cause heavy framerate drops when near certain particle effects. Note: This particular fix has already been released as a client-only update, as of these notes being posted.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to occasionally causing the client to become unresponsive when loading into the game.
  • Fixed an issue with explosives being able to deal damage through spawn room shields.
  • C4 should now deal the expected damage amounts on vehicles floating in the water.
  • An empty "Codex" directive line no longer appears in the directives pane.
  • Updated Outfit Wars tooltip information to reflect actual rules for the upcoming season.
  • Added a new "Cannonball" objective to Corsair vehicle directive.

Source: Game Update Notes


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