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Author Topic: [15/07/2020,19:00 CEST] Liberator Training  (Read 413 times)

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03/07/2020, 10:33


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Hello RE4PERS!

To get through the summer break, I want to organize an additional fun-event. It's up to you how many soldiers sign in and who is going to be in.
My plan is to do a Harasser race or some type of air training/air squad. If the latter would apply, the Lib should be in focus. I want to teach you in Liberator basics and maybe even you can teach me. Afterwards I want to do some Liberator runs. So that it does not get a cluster fuq, I only want a few members in the squad, porperly speaking of 12. The partitioning is also up to who signs in. Date will be the 15th July at 1900 CET.

Sign up below:

Please meet in "Training Channel 1" on TeamSpeak, 10 minutes befor the event starts.
Hopefully we can recruite some pilots and gunners and have lots of fun together.
Thanks for your interest.

Grunt Cheeeta

Edit: I'm going to start @20.00 CET!
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14/07/2020, 14:03


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I will also be joining. Happy to give tips and answering questions about both piloting and gunning. People who always wanted to fly/gun a lib but never had a crew should really consider to join. This is a good opportunity to find your future lib crew!

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14/07/2020, 14:55


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Hello fellow Soldiers,
my appointment tomorrow (wednesday) will take longer than expected so that I can start only at 20:00 CET. Hope I'll be on time and that's allright for everyone.
Thanks for your understanding!

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15/07/2020, 19:36


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May be 15 minutes late or so

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16/07/2020, 00:08


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Thanks for your help and patience with the formation flight. Here's a screenshot:


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