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Author Topic: June 24, 2020 - PC Hotfix  (Read 104 times)

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24/06/2020, 04:33


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PC servers will come down tomorrow, Wednesday June 24, 2020, at 8am PT (3pm GMT), for the game update below. Downtime is expected to last up to three hours.


Mammoth Cannon

  • Direct damage from 750 to 850.
  • Projectile velocity from 150 to 250.
  • Projectile gravity from 4 to 5.
  • Swapped impact FX with ones more fitting its splash damage range.

Mass Accelerator Drive (MAD)

  • Much of the benefits of this ability have been rolled into the Mammoth Cannon's default state.
  • Direct damage benefit from 50% to 32%.
  • Projectile velocity benefit from 100% to 50%.

Armor and Resistances

Colossus has received the following adjustments to its default armor values.

  • Front Armor from 0% to 25%.
  • Top Armor from 0% to 25%.
  • Rear Armor from -50% to -15%.
  • Side Armor from -15% to 0%.
  • Bottom Armor from -100% to -15%.
Colossus dynamic collision resistance (type 13) from 96 to 100.

Dev Note: This should prevent the vehicle from being destroyed by debris.

Misc. Bug Fixes

  • NS-03 Thumper and Hunter QCX no longer share Incendiary Ammunition effects between weapons.
  • Additional NSO Colossus loadout slots are no longer gated by rank 5 and rank 15.
  • Fixed an issue preventing ground vehicles from being remote pulled at Warpgates.
  • Fixed a vehicle terminal at the Bulwark on Esamir.
  • Bare Metal Camo should now be back to its lustrous self.
  • Ordnance Dampener no longer temporarily breaks cloak when entering and exiting the field.
  • Low-cortium indicators now only appear above the Colossus, instead of all vehicles.
  • NS-30 Tranquility can now be used with the Combat Medic ASP Battle Rifle secondary skill.
  • Peris Field Tower on Indar is no longer impersonating a Tech Plant.
  • NSO characters can no longer push vehicles around while holding an anti-infantry mine.
  • Fixed a missing string in the Fire Suppression skill line for the ANT.
  • Fire Suppression no longer provides infinite repairs when affected by Punisher's Engineer Underbarrel. Dev Note: A consequence of this change is that Fire Suppression now repairs a percent maximum of base health pools, instead of modified ones.
  • Known Issue: We have a fix for the turret rotation and third-person vehicle camera responsiveness issues internally. Once it's processed, we plan to deliver it in a client-only update (no downtime) as soon as possible.

Source: Game Update Notes


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