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Author Topic: Guidelines for inexperienced pilots  (Read 232 times)

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20/03/2020, 12:55


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Hello everyone,

Even though the specialist program is just starting and I fear there will be a lack of participation for now, I want to kick things off by going over basic guidelines we can give newer pilots to improve their effectiveness in the air. More specifically, due to its recent relevancy, how to handle big air battles. Since I have the most experience with ESFs, the guidelines are primarily for them.

In order to work even for inexperienced players, I think it is helpful to only focus on the most important points. Here are the ones I came up with:

  • Rebind the ‘Exit vehicle’ key to a button you can’t hit per accident
  • Bind a key to ‘Throttle (Analog)’ (C works fine for me)
  • Rebind the key to ‘Change Camera’ (I use mouse-button 4)
  • Bind a key to ‘Cockpit Freelook’
  • *Recommended loadout: default nosegun, default afterburner, Nanite Auto Repair System, Hover Stability Airframe, Fire Suppression
  • *Play as engineer or light assault with Ammo Printer and Target Focus

Basics of flying
  • Stay in 3rd person for basic flying
  • Only switch to first-person for shooting or scanning your surroundings (Hold down the ‘Cockpit Freelook’ key)
  • Hit the ‘Throttle (Analog)’ key to instantly disable your thrust and go into hover mode

Big air battles
  • Don’t go into hover mode, always keep flying
  • Stay with your allies, don’t overextend
  • Priority of targets unless ordered differently: ESFs > Libs > Gals > Valks > Bastion
  • Prioritise enemies who are chasing behind allies
  • Try to focus-fire the same targets as your allies
  • When taking too much damage, immediately disengage and get distance
  • Only use the afterburner when necessary (getting close, fleeing from damage)
  • Try to avoid crashing into allies as much as possible

*Since personally, I use LA with my specific loadout, I need some input on recommended loadouts for engineer as well as the ESF loadouts that go in hand with that.

I probably forgot stuff, so please let me know. If you disagree with certain points, discussions are welcome.

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21/03/2020, 11:04


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Hey xRETRY. In my opinion, this looks like a great start for any new pilot! I wish I'd had someone show me this when I first jumped in an ESF, at least. I'd be happy to contribute some basics for the Liberator (Pilot/Gunner-specific) if you'd like.

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21/03/2020, 11:27


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Thanks ViciousWankNC, I appreciate your input. It would be great if you would share your knowledge with us. After all, that's what this topic is about :)

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23/03/2020, 19:56


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Hey guys!
First of all: Im not saying that im an experienced pilot and what i write can be totally wrong and is clearly up for discussion

Second i am from an ESF point of view so dont expect lethality from me

Loadouts are important:
Airframe: Hover Stability is the most important, as your reaver is the last to enter in hover mode without this. IF u are using a somewhat correct break maneouver.
as for horns: pick something fancy  ;D

 for Battles i use:
Use veichle stealth(max rank) if you are learning, even in battles, as you will less likely to get chased,
if you want to do badass mode: Composite Armor for turning around and emptying a magazine without dying (Note: i only use the stealth)
emergency repair: fire suppression, i usually spam it when needed as it reloads about every minute, and air battles tend to have 'safe' zones around repair galaxies.

solo and A2G support equipment
if our squad has anti air: i do fly,  if they dont: i do not fly    :D

My loadouts with guns:
  • default/VortekRotary paired with default afterburner for battles
  • default/VortekRotary with Wyrm and the battle equipment detailed above
  • Airhammer and hornets with solo equipment
  • default gun and with breaker rocket pods and solo equipment

this gonna get long:
Tactics: (i use as much as i can)
In Battles: There are zones i would say if i see a shit ton of air: (i mean at least 2-3 squad)
and these are hard to spot, and these do apply to your forces as well
(one or several of these positions may be completely missing)
  • Front:
    This is the place which is preferably above or at the same level with the anemy gals and libs, bastion (as they wont change altitude much)
    Here are the ESFs who are going in a little group after getting the 'attack' order
    if you are about to do this, DONT... if you (have the resources for a spare reaver and) see so many of your squadmates going in, then i will be there as well, BUT
    -- on max altitude, and on one of the sides (to not to chrash into someone with wild manouvers)
    -- i am gonna do a jump on a lower flying pilot
    -- i am selecting an enemy who is following one of my fleeing ally
  • Safe zone:
    if you see libs and gals around you you are in the safe zone for ESFs as you will get repaired by prox-repair galaxies
    -- the pilots here usually have to shoot further (preapare the Kestrel, and the hornets)
    -- if you came to get repaired then please be above the libs, under galaxies as you wont get in the way of the guns
    -- cover your slow allies there can be enemy ESFs here as well, they will be hunting you and they can easily kill those damaged heavy air
    -- do not bump into the slow guys as you will die from the slightest scratch, ofc not counting here the Bastion
    -- currently you dont take damage from chrashing into the bastion (this will or will not change)
  • Sides:
    Here will fly the more experienced pilots as they naturally need more space and targets
    You will know when you are here i hope
    -- more space (can be refreshing.. truly)
    -- you are an easier target as you are out in the open
    -- there's the possibility to go in fast to the enemy 'safe zone'
  • Under the bellies: (Enemy and ally)
    Do not go far down there as:
    -- you are an easy target from above (harder to pitch up and aim well at the same time)
    -- easy target for Daltons and bastion belly guns
    If you have to repair do not do it on the ground, wait for nanite auto repair, or engineer ability (very useful, does healing in the same rate as nanite auto repair 1)
  • Enemy 'safe zone':
    Definitely not safe for you.
    But you can pick badly smoking heavy air: its stealing kills, but lets face it everyone does it  8)
  • Enemy front:
    You will find me here
    -- facing towards my allies
    -- following enemy ESFs who are chasing allied reavers
    -- not following damaged enemies
    -- getting close to them, shooting from even 1-2 metres (with wyrm)
    -- emptying the magazines fast but doing it in small bursts then re-aim as the get easily out of my sight
    -- if i am slowly getting back to to our libs, i turn around go to out the sides then getting back after:
           health check, reviewing the state of the battle, reloading weapons, getting my new pivot points (bastions or gals)

So much for a one and half-minute fight...
After that:
The heavy air gets too close for you to be comfortable,
but they will slowly get into position to kill the pre-marked enemy target: the bastion for now.
-- stay in hover mode, in a comfortable distance if you are shooting the Target
-- stay between our heavy air and well shoot..
-- go out to the sides to kill enemy  ESFs
You should NOT
-- press DESCEND: very important, you may kill yourself and your friendly ESFs, keep the altitude
-- turn back as you may block allies from shooting,
-- doing manouvers
If you have to go back go towards the target, slowly ascend to get out of the way; fly past the target fast, turn back:
welcome back, you are out of the fight, and Survived

This is the way guys!
so far my experience comes from 5-6 bastion fights (including the test server airbattles)
Of course every aspect of the above mentioned is up for debate and suggestions are encouraged!

See you ladies and gentlemen up there! (i deeply regret to miss the main ops these days)
It was RIKSS5, thanks for reading!

Edit: applying grammar tell if i still bad at writing
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25/03/2020, 02:29


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  • The only good lock-on heavy is a dead one.
I'd like to give my take on it.

I use this set 99% of the time I fly the reaver.

Mustang + Rocket Pods.

Vehicle Stealth / Fire Suppression / Hover Stability.

I will go over as to why.

Firstly, the mustang is the most powerful ESF weapon, if you hit all your shots, you will kill any ESF no problem, with enough cert investment in the clip. It also has good damage at range, it's quite useful at shooting things like harassers on the ground.

Secondly, rocket pods. All around great for clearing out areas of infantry. Whilst you are a plane, one of your main focus is providing support for ground forces as well as anti-esf capabilities, this will get you the most mileage as specializing too much means you won't be prepared for the variety of situation you will find yourself in, in battle.

As for the modules,

Stealth is one of the most important, by far. A lot of very good ESF pilots will fly high with this, and you can never see them coming, it also makes it way harder to track you in a dogfight. It also enables you to potentially pick off ESFs without others of the same faction noticing.

Fire Suppression is the other most important module. It can repair you to enable you to engage more frequently outside of a fight, or during a fight, it can give you instant HP as well as repairs on the go. Make sure you are using it once you hit red, as this is how to get the most HP out of a single use. Though, outside of battle, feel free to use whenever you think appropriate, as by the time you find another fight, it's almost always going to be off cooldown.

Hover stability has a few things going for it. In my opinion, the most important one, it makes you a lot harder to track VS ESFs without this module, as your speed is drastically increased, with a bit of turning it makes you very difficult to track well. It allows you to be very nimble in hover mode when supporting ground forces with rockets as well, which is always a bonus.

As for Class, Engineer always, that passive repair certification is very useful.

Implants, I tend to go with Ammo Printer / Counter Intelligence, it lets you know if someone has spotted you, a lock-on heavy assault or an enemy esf, it's nice to have this intel. If you do not have access to counter intel, use Target Focus to enable you to see enemy ESF healthbars, to help you dictate when you can commit to an engagement more easily.
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I fly planes, sometimes poorly.

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25/03/2020, 02:33


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  • The only good lock-on heavy is a dead one.
I should also mention, every time I go to fight, it's usually in hover mode. The only time you don't want to hover when fighting is when brawling in a large scale fight, but even then, it's subject to the situation
I fly planes, sometimes poorly.

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25/03/2020, 05:30


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due to bastions being pulled so often I fly more, I am not in any way that good, but I have fun flying with more people

- When learning always fly with more people so you can see the different flying preferences and movements, do's and don'ts
- Don't overextend when flying with more people, or solo for that matter, escaping from a fight is not shameful
- Never fly that close to galaxies unless you need ammo/repairs and when you do that, fly slow, hover and always on third person view
- To avoid damage always do this sort of air dance with your ESF, a a left and right movement with your mouse and A and D keys will dodge many bullets.
As for my personal preferences for fights in the middle of the chaos bastions bring, I go with
- mustang (until I auraxium it)
- External Fuel Tanks (other options are personal)
- Fire suppression, auto-repair and Racer High Speed Airframe, why this airframe... In these fights we are having I don't personally see any benefit from hover stability or dogfighting airframe, I usually go for enemies that focus on others and the bastion, in case I get attacked from behind I have an advantage with speed, reach a safe place, turn and look for another victim. The only time I see myself in hover mode is when waiting for orders near the bastion/galaxies.
- Also, and this is a very personal option, I up my mouse's DPI's to 5000 with some small buttons my mouse has that are quite useful, this way I feel the movement of the reaver faster and more maneuverable (I use corsair's ICUE for this, so all my DPI options are already set for my PS2 experience)
- I also don't see any benefit in stealth, with so many ESF's it is for sure you get chased for some seconds until the enemy will be chased by another reaver and you will be left alone, this happens often to me and so far all these settings work for me, I get killed by friendly gals instead of enemies
- finally, ammo printer for one implant option, second implant choose whatever you see fit, LA for pestering enemies when you eject, rocklet rifle is useful and sometimes you can score a c4 kill.


BTW, thanks retry for reminding me about the E key when exiting the reaver.
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