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Author Topic: PS2 Live Stream Moved to December  (Read 278 times)

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20/11/2019, 20:47


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Hey everyone,

Just a heads-up that we will be postponing today’s live stream.

In addition to the general anniversary topics, we planned to announce details around a major update that we're preparing for release early next year.  The heart of today’s live stream was to discuss the upcoming release in detail, showcase assets, in-game walk-through, etc.  However, and for the sake of complete transparency, there were a few key things we felt critical to this announcement and discussion that are just not ready to present today.

I’ve opted to hold off until the week of December 9th, so we can continue preparing the update and have a much more refined unveiling during the live stream.  The specific date and time will be announced in early December.

Again, my apologies for the decision to postpone, but we can't wait to share more details in a few weeks!

Thank you,

Andy Sites

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