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Author Topic: [31/10/2019,20:00 CET] Halloween Special!  (Read 307 times)

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31/10/2019, 15:48


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Hey guys!

Today we will have the final of our "FE4R THE RE4PERS" - week!
Starting at spooky 20.00 CET we will enjoy big platoon stuff all around zombies, ghosts and overall supernatural enjoyment.

Hope to see you around!

I am planning to host a mix of fun events and tacticool shit!
I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.

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31/10/2019, 16:55


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Defenetly in
Yes, girls also play Planetside 2!  ;D

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01/11/2019, 11:34


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