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Author Topic: A guide about Planetside 2 micro-transactions.  (Read 129 times)

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02/10/2019, 10:11


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Since we keep getting ppl that are still relatively new to the game i wanted to repost from reddit something i wrote about the micro transactions available in PS2. Some folks might be wondering about it as the new anniversary bundles and December time-exclusive items resale are coming relatively soon. So here it is:

My tier list of Planetside transactions, personal opinions and descriptions included:

Disclaimer - i spend too much on the game, not the biggest whale out there for sure, but You should never feel forced to spend the money on the game if you dont want to. For me the way Planetside 2 handles its monetization and avoids being pay too win is one of its biggest strengths

1) Anniversary bundle deal - Coming up soon! October/November. These are unique every year and only available for a set time, but the previous year bundles are resold each December (more info below)

-Gives You the best deal for a 50% "heroic" XP boost. recently they introduced a tier system for this bundle so you can get a version of that boost that lasts up to a year for one character (You have 2 slots for boost per character). If You want more cert gain, and focusing on one character, this is probably the best deal.

-These bundles also give you the special variants of weapons that are used to complete unique directives for the black cammo, the golden weapon cammo and some other stuff (so far there is the Exceptional, Exceptional 2 and mayhem series directives). The Exceptional Directives can be completed with free event weapons but its usually knifes or pistols so it would be the hard way of doing them.

-One more thing they give are unique cosmetics, these historically were a bit hit and miss. I feel usually every second year is good and we seem to be up for a good year.

-Cosmetics and weapons in contrast to the boost are account wide and faction specific variants will be avilable on all your characters.

Example from last year: https://www.planetside2.com/news/ps2-6th-anniversary-bundles-nov-2018

2) December Timed exclusive resale calendar - over December on top of the christmas/winter event DBG is reselling timed exclusive deals, like special versions of weapons used for the exceptional and mayhem directives that have unique rewards for completion like the black camo. Previous anniversary bundles (also containing the unique weapons and described in point 1) and other cosmetics. I usually pick one or 2 items and get them on a appropriate day.

Example from last year: https://www.planetside2.com/news/ps2-auraximas-31-day-sale-dec-2018

3) Membership - Still worth for me, gives all a round convenience goodies (more vechicle/granade recources, 50% more xp, shorter queues, NSO character, ASP opt in cost skip, monthly double XP weekend, a small discount on every DBG points purchase so pretty much every other thing you buy, a small boost for everyone in Your squad) and the feeling of supporting the game i play for so many years.

If you cant swallow the cost (witch is more then understandable - its 10-15 USD per month) at least get it for a month when you want to buy the ASP System, to save 10 000 Certs and treat it as a trial.

4) Event sale bundles - I buy it sometimes - eg. Halloween bundles, St. patrics day bundle etc. They usually contain unique cosmetics, and i think they sold one or 2 weapons for the mayhem series directive in the past.

5) Daily sale deal - Almost never buy but i usually consider, members have 2 items daily instead of 1

6) Event category discounts - Almost never buy but usually consider. includes things like -40% on all depot (not time exclusive) camos for the patriot event and such.


Somewhere in the nether) - regular prices of items and cosmetics - do not buy, especially under impulse. Maybe buy vehicle cosmetics if You cant be bothered to wait for a daily sale since they are rarely available on discount or bundles

Hope this helps!

Edits: typos and such
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02/10/2019, 10:35


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  • and the dudes
Nice summary!
My personal favourite as "best bang for the buck" would be the 1st year anniversary bundle. It offers I think up to 12 weapons (3 weapons per faction + empire specific launcher) + heroic boost. For new players it helps a lot!
I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.

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02/10/2019, 10:41


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Yep, that one is amazing. Should be available again on the 1st weekend of December.

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02/10/2019, 11:41


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- Membership is pretty good to compensate for lack of certs you get as a new player. Once you are a better player you can rely on boost and again it's not necessary. For ASP i agree with MrFFFF

- If you have multiple characters that you play regularly i would spend my money on freaking vehicle. This cost a lot and you basically stuck to infantry for a long time before getting in vehicle upgrade. Ligthning gun, Sunderer, Valk, Freaking certs eating machine Liberator. All of these are cross faction gun. The certs you don't spend can then be use to have basic defence on the vehicle.
i don't know if there is a good bundle for vehicle especially for MBT and ESF (too late for me but could help new people)

- Good cross faction gun worth buying of course !!!COMISSIONER!!!, Underboss, NS 15, NS 11 and decimator. But again a new player might not find a good use of them as it really on mobility/HS to be really effective. I believe there is a code still working for Tanto, Tengu and Naginata.

- Cosmetic. A must have to hide the fact that gun are ugly in PS2. Same for helmet.

Better wait for the 20% reduction that occur once or twice in years (or is it just for member?)
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02/10/2019, 17:59


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The 75 nanite tick per minute instead of the 50 as a member is amazing. Combined with the ASP points you can put in the 20% discount in the nanite cost of specific vehicle is even more amazing (for example, from the 750 nanties you can pull 2 vanguards, as the 1 ASP point can lower its cost to 360)


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