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Author Topic: Introducing a new Position: The fireteam leader  (Read 124 times)

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01/08/2019, 08:51


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Hey everyone!

As you may have seen in the last OPs, we started to use fireteams far more often. Now we want to improve the usuage of these powerfull subunits even more.

So far, fireteam leaders were not used at all in our general squad gameplay. In the last weeks I tried to install them as a "check up", to make sure that the fireteam is in the right position.

This will change in the future. Fireteam leaders now have to lead their fireteam! This includes position in the base, decision to back cap, change of function (class/vehicle) and loadout prior to the ops.

Most important is to set up the fireteam channel(this includes everyone, not only the Firteam leader). Getting this close coms is an amazing help for closing down crosstalk, as you can communicate threats only to your firteam. We will need time to get used to it (multiple channels are ofter difficult to handle).

Sounds like a lot, but as it will be units of 3, it should help the organisation and the squad leader in multiple ways.

Example for communication:
Squad leader: Dropping on Indar Com.
I   Diamonds leader: Taking balkony
II  Spades Leader: Drop us over the vehicle bay.
III Hearts Leader: Taking ground floor
IV  Clubs Leader: Taking top floor.

Former to this, squad leaders had to tell everything - and yes, sometimes this will be faster. But now, we focuss on forging the fireteams close together. When the FL (fireteam leader) decides on his own, he will be more eager to keep his fireteam mates in check. In addition to this, I would like to build "advanced" fireteams on the long run - brothers in arms - people you know so good, that you only need to say the bacics, the rest is already in the blood.

Feedback is more than welcome!


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02/08/2019, 14:01


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Love this idea, Wolken! Would love to see some experimenting with having just 3 fireteams on all - or some - squads in a platoon to emphasise on utility loadouts. For example, the 4th could be a dedicated point-hold support i.e. recon darts/spotters, barrier placements, rez + bandolier medics, etc.
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