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Author Topic: PC Hotfix - 5/3  (Read 256 times)

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03/05/2019, 21:17


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PC servers will be taken offline on Friday, May 3rd, 2019 at 2:00PM PT for maintenance. Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours.

Server Performance Improvements

  • Server optimizations have been made and performance under significant load should be much improved.

NS Operative related fixes

  • Light Assaults now have access to Rocklet Rifle variant ammo types.
  • Munitions Pouch now grants additional Rocklet Rifle ammunition.
  • Flak Armor no longer disappears after upgrading it.
  • Fixed issues where NSO characters were unable to access all construction items.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Continents should now correctly go through their Unstable phase with population taken into consideration.
  • You should now always be able to spawn at highlighted spawn points on the map screen.
  • Players once again receive experience ticks while capturing capture points, instead of only after having gained control of them.
  • Spawn Beacons, Routers, and Elysium Spawn Tube now use their original respawn timers. We will look to tune this at a later date.
  • Fixes for voice channel issues.
  • NC Fury Flash has ammo again.
  • Mk.23 Light Assault armor jump jet effects are now visually correct.
  • Fixed some flickering particle effects on Ultra.
  • Fixed various missing particle effects on all settings.
  • Smoke Grenades should now respect Grenade Bandolier.
  • Fixed a reload animation bug with the Hunter QCX.
  • Cursor should no longer remain on the screen after shift tabbing from the steam client.
  • Infiltrators and Combat Medics no longer have duplicate abilities and suits in their loadout.
  • Decals can once again be equipped on the Flash, Harasser, and Sunderer.
  • Various animation related fixes and polish.
  • Black Ops armor sets are now purchaseable in the Depot.

Source: Game Update Notes

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05/05/2019, 07:02


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After the last hotfix I only experience a bug on the map screen (terrain is only showing when I zoom in a bit, otherwise I can only see the faction colors)
Also recursion is not working, anybody knows anything about an update?

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05/05/2019, 07:25


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I have the same bug, however, recurssion is working for me, but the crosshair from it doesn't, sticky nade doesn't resupply and from time to time I have fps drops for a few seconds, also I have experienced some sort of hiccups during gameplay, however without fps drops, it's weird, really

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05/05/2019, 07:31


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@Fallen, the Developers of Recursion stated that the code for Recursion needs to be rewritten nearly completly for dx 11 and they dont have the time to do that. They would share their code with someone that has enough experience and dedication to do so but as far as I know no one is doing that at the moment.  :'(

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05/05/2019, 09:53


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Ah yes stickies, yesterday I was killed by 1, so that bug seems not general. Or maybe you actually got them but the number shows 0


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