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Author Topic: [PTS] Nov. 20, 2018 - PTS Update  (Read 293 times)

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21/11/2018, 03:01


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Nanite Systems Operatives

We've begun our initial testing phase of the Nanite Systems Operatives system, referred to internally as "Black Ops." These mercurial robots will always fight for the lowest populated faction on whichever continent the player zones into. NSO characters can be created on Test Server using the character create system, and selecting the "Secret Stuff" faction. (But shhhh, let's keep this between us.) As an NSO character, you'll have access to common pool weapons and vehicles, and be able to fight alongside the faction you're assigned to.

This initial round of testing has some unfinished features and fixes we're still working toward.

We've listed known issues below. Please write a /bug report for anything new you discover.

  • NSO characters have no damage immunity in the Warpgate.
  • Many consumable/deployable items are unfinished.
  • Squad/personal waypoints don't appear on the map, but do appear on the HUD.
  • Radial menu doesn't work correctly.
  • Logging in as an Infiltrator will start you with a spawn beacon in-hand, and this disrupts attachments on other weapons until all weapons are scrolled through.
  • Weapons are receiving unnecessary faction tints.
  • NSO ranks and profile banners are unfinished.
  • You may fall through the terrain on initial zone-in, keep calm and respawn.
  • Tutorial exists (and is broken) for NSO characters.
  • NSO characters use the vehicle shader, which doesn't play nicely with cloak.
  • The marketplace is practically empty for NSO characters.

To get your character to the main continents quickly...

Log in as an NSO character, open the map screen, select the World Map dropdown, and click on an open continent to teleport there immediately.

Misc. Changes and Fixes

Character create screen was revised.

Fixed the bug where swapping genders on the character create screen could create a mismatch in helmets.

Source: Planetside 2 Test Server: Announcements


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