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Author Topic: Returning member/require a re-invite? READ THIS FIRST!  (Read 4975 times)

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06/09/2021, 12:43


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Hey, Matti! Are you able to join us on TS some evening? So we could sort out Your TS groups and make sure You're invited in game etc.
Unless thats already taken care off, in that case Welcome back!
“Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”
― Terry Pratchett

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08/10/2021, 20:26


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Hi there!

I was been inactive for the reason of work. (4 shifts, and other personal issues)
Switched, I'll have more time from 1st of Nov. Alsooo
Got a main and ALT char, named "Rashmal" and "llSPARTANllKroz107ll" - The last one is my heavy main account. if infantry needed, then I'll play with this character, otherwise (if armor needed) I'll join with Rashmal-

I'm happy to be back again ^^ I'm planning to join a few divisions in the near future:D


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17/10/2021, 20:41


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i got kicked because of inactivity and would like to get an invite again :.(:)


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