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11/03/2018, 19:25


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Hello Re4pers!

Our current recruit/soldier ranks and the whole recruitment process is messy, confusing and requires a lot of management to maintain. Some changes will be made in the coming weeks to make it more efficient and easier to manage. The rank changes are the first of many that will better reflect our members status within the outfit.

The changes/new process:


NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE TO THE JOINING THE OUTFIT PROCESS. It will remain as it is, which just to recap is:

.Must be BR 25 or over.
.Must be 16 years of age or older.
.Must first create an account on the forum and apply to join the outfit on the forum first before applying in game.
.They can then apply in game and ensuring the above criteria is met a officer will then accept the application.


.The recruit rank will officially be renamed to 'Soldier'.
.Recruits will still be expected to remain active for one month or face being kicked from the outfit, this will be managed via the current system (officers reviewing the recruitment list on the leadership tab).
.Once a recruit has passed this period their name will be removed from the recruitment list automatically.
.The recruit rank (New soldier rank) members who are not on the recruitment list will have up to two months of inactivity before being kicked from the outfit (unless a post is made on the AFK thread). This will be managed by the Outfit leaders monthly.
.All current recruit/soldier members will be given this rank.


.The soldier rank will be renamed to 'ACE' (may change in the future).
.This rank will be given to current forum side ACE's for the time being.
.ACE's will share this rank with a new rank that will be introduced at a later date.
.Promotion to this rank will be either via becoming an ACE on the forum or via being promoted to the new rank yet to be introduced.

These changes will enable us to free up an in game rank (currently limited to 5 in game ranks) in which we can use to better reflect our members profile in game. This will also make our recruitment easier to manage (current soldier/recruit rank is basically the same thing) and better help the officers to identify seniority of members in game at a glance. These changes will take effect in approximately 2 weeks time (may take awhile to move everyone around) and at the same time as the kicking of inactive members.

Which brings me onto inactivity.
On Sunday the 25/03/18 I will begin kicking members who have been inactive for a long period of time, for the first wave this will only include people of the current recruit/soldier rank. The remaining ranks will be reviewed at a later date. To tie in with the new requirements of the current recruit/soldier rank members who have been inactive for over two months will be kicked unless a suitable post has been made in the AFK thread.

Anyone who is currently a recruit/soldier and have been inactive from in game for over two months, need to either log in in game to reset the timer or make a new post on the AFK thread (https://re4pers.com/index.php?topic=295.0) stating your reason for inactivity.

Kicking of inactive recruit/soldier members will begin on:


As mentioned the remaining ranks will be reviewed at a later date.

That is it for now, as mentioned the other in game ranks will be getting reviewed and possibly changed as well as a new rank being introduced later on. Not only is the two week gap for admin/inactivity issues but also for you guys to post any issues/problems you have with the new changes. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the above in the forum!

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27/03/2018, 19:19


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First wave complete, if you have been kicked and want to rejoin simply ask an officer for a re invite stating you are a previous member and you will be re invited back into the outfit. First lot of changes to the ranks are also underway, please be patient if you have been given the wrong rank! doing 400+ members at the same time as well as having our forum stuff changed takes time. The new rank will be introduced at a later date.
Highly trained professional in making it look like I know what I'm doing.


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