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Author Topic: Re4pers Op´s ideas and suggestions  (Read 3682 times)

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27/09/2017, 19:31


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Having Ops is a thing that any good and healthy mid to high tier outfit has. There have been several attempts in this outfit (even by myself) to introduce proper squadplay. It always died because of lack of interest and/or insufficient squadleaders (availablity or lack of experience)

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27/09/2017, 19:49


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As already said, we struggle to find a day the majority can all join on and interest in general is hard to get for it. I don't mind in giving it another go however I feel we need to try some new ideas for it otherwise it won't work again.
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28/09/2017, 04:10


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and/or insufficient squadleaders (availablity or lack of experience)

Oh come on, after 5 trainings any Regular SL can be more or less Tactical SL.

More interesting part was then we change SL during evening a few times this leads to progress of whole squad.

I stoped joining these, since I'm at US now + work. This means 9 hours difference.

So, for me - only weekends can work - for now; and not all of them.

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28/09/2017, 10:08


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We could start to have a fix day on every week where we have a platoon up on the live server with a tactical squad in it. That would allow new players to try it and maybe some of them would be interested enough to join the more serious trainings too. Any suggestionts on which day we should try to do this?

Good old sunday is the best for it. You are absolutely right - thats something that needs to be done again. We had it for years but recently it looks like its hard to find people that lead it, and I will think about it myself. You will need a handfull of SLs willing to join, Plant is right to figure out this as an essential point. Ever two weeks we can invite KAIN again (for the new ones: These guys are old friends of us and they only play squad-wise).

Because our current live gameplay doesnt really reflect the nature of such ops: Squads will more or less work seperately and stay close together. They will have dedicated roles and missions (from close-air support, defending sundy positions, beeing a tank spearhead or just hold a building). The Platoon Lead makes sure that all the squads efforts will benefit each other.

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28/09/2017, 14:46


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I was thinking about Sunday too and didn't wanted to do anything more serious then playing in a platoon with a more tactical squad in it, but ofc that depends on the available leaders (in both ways on the scale of serious gameplay). We just need a fix date when theres always something going on so that members can be sure that if they want to play in a platoon, thats the time for it.

This Sunday is settled but we can start with the next one.


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