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Author Topic: [26/10/2016,19:45 CEST] Re4pers OPS  (Read 4231 times)

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18/10/2016, 17:59


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Dear fellow Re4pers,

As some of you might or might not have noticed I've been relatively inactive lately. The reason for that is not only that university is starting again and blocking most TTT's but also that I find the open Platoon Gameplay not very interesting anymore.

For me and other players like me the great Re4spect-events organised by Wolkenwand are next to the only alternative but they are few and irregular. Same goes for other Tactical squads we run randomly.

What I propose is an REGULAR (once every 2 weeks?) OPS, similarly run like the joint Ops with KAIN that will allow us to fight in an more organised and efficient way. This means:
- Everyone on TS and with Mic
- becon rotation
- Movement and Positioning (which means spreading out, only when the leaders says so. if not, trying move and push in a cohesive force.)
- calling out tasks (e.g. when you or the Lead says that someone pulls a sundy you call it out)
- calling out enemies
- calling out revives (needed or giving)

We will keep an eye on alerts and on the Map but the priority lays on good fights which a typical stale Indar T or Esamir Y can't provide. This is still no farming squad and we will try to help the NC as good as possible which will result in following kinds or fights:
- tacticool point holds with close comms
- sundy balls and close vehicle columns
- Zerg control if needed, in the following ways:
  - AV/AA nests
  - timed back caps
  - drops on enemy sundies and armour
  - coordinated Airstrikes

This event is just a test to see how many people are interested. Time and dates of the following events will have too be determined in a separate thread. I will lead this event with hopefully some support of other experienced leaders.
Very important to me is that we have a pool of officers that keep this alive. Persons that I could imagine in that role are Wolken, Stoned, Sithis, Mas, Bashar and some more that I've prob forgot to mention here (sorry for that boyz).
Please note that I plan to have MAX 2 squads in these events so leading should be pretty easy.

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18/10/2016, 21:26


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Sounds like a good idea to me.

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19/10/2016, 01:35


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Interesting. And yeah, if you want the call-out to work, you need to be not more than 2 squads or it will be a mess.

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19/10/2016, 11:51


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i have to admit that tactical ops like we had yesterday during the TTT are a lot of fun for me as well. i hate to say it but random platoons became quite annoying for me. first you have to spend about two hours on kicking people that don't follow just to have a proper platoon going on. and even then because it's random you can't split up too much so the whole thing basically changes to lot of logistics and looking on the map instead of actual fighting. Waiting for big fights on amp stations or towers that basically you can only cap with 60% overpop and it's either total spawnlock and cap, or 50-50 fight that usually leads to being pushed out. i love kain ops, it's the closest thing to perfection i can imagine. 4 squads micro communicating on ts, great squad leaders, super effectiveness. i really don't want to play with squad leaders that are not on ts or even can't use mic anymore. in other words i would love to have more tactical ops like we had yesterday and i would love to see as many reapers interested in them as possible so we can run platoons more similar to those during joint ops with kain. my personal problem is that i can't meet up on fixed date. my free time during evenings varies on multiple factors.

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25/10/2016, 22:36


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26/10/2016, 00:41


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  • and the dudes
Had a small change of plans and will hopefully be able to join !
I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.

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26/10/2016, 16:17


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i will try to be there too

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26/10/2016, 21:22


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First of all, thanks to everyone for attending. I really wasnt prepared for so many guys and if i knew that before I would have done some things different organisation wise. I really didnt expect more than 20 people and I was definitely overwhelmed by the numbers that joined us. I just came home from a hard day at Uni and thoght that I would lead 1 1/2 squads TTT/tacticool style.

As I stated in the OP, this event was just a test to see how many people are Interested and I must admit that this kind of number was a bit out of my comfort zone for the Gameplay I had in mind.
What really surprises me now, is the high discrepancy in interest between the TTTs, which we cannot do regularly on Jaeger anymore because we have not enough participants and the event that I created which basically offers the same kind of game play. 

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26/10/2016, 21:44


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Was alot of fun for the little time I was there. Had some technical difficulties.
For the next time, I think we should separate the squads into different TS groups. This way we can get a lot more close communication. The squad leaders can use channel commander.
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