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Author Topic: GHOSTFIGHTER77  (Read 1855 times)

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21/10/2015, 17:43


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Bunk I also want to everthing to be put behind us. Me being ill has given me chance to think about what i did and leaving the re4pers was my biggest mistake. When im up  to it  i will give 100% and move up the chain of command once more and get to things they were again.

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21/10/2015, 18:00


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Dont get me wrong ghost - I am very happy to hear that from you. But even in the best case this chain will end for you at some point. I am only saying that to keep your expectations on a realistic level.



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21/10/2015, 20:21


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welcome back  :D

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21/10/2015, 20:51


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22/10/2015, 08:44


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I would not say it was a mistake - it was your decision. Every of our decisions has a consequence for the people around us and, in your case, your decision to bail, as a new and respected outfit, had hurt the RE4 a lot, internally and externally. The worst being, you have disappointed many of us who have given you a chance as OL. Beyond that, you did not do anything wrong. So, you shall wear our tag again as a brother in arms.

Remember, a 100% is the least we expect from you from this point on. You may look at it as a way to redeem yourself. :)

Welcome back, Ghost-noob.


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