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[15/03/2019,20:00 CET] Drinking Ops - Very very casual gaming night

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Hey everyone!

There will be some yam yam going on this friday - get your beers ready, order your pizza and play your favorite game together!

Social gathering, playing and drinking will be the hook for this event. I will lead some squad/platoon stuff, but don't expect it to be to serious.

See ya around !

P.S.: What's you favorite beer?
For me it is currently "Potsdamer Stange"

Primator 16. Not sure i can join, will work until god knows how long that day...

Tapatalkkal küldve az én SM-A600FN eszközömről

"What's you favorite beer?"
Well Wolky, that would be spoilers.

Sure, go ahead, talk about good beer

Tannenzäpfle and Flens. Das flenst !


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