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[09/03/2019,19:00 CET] New Leaders Event

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Hey ho everyone!

Let's give our new and willing leaders a place to shine! I will host a platoon tomorrow for everyone who wants to try out leading in a safe space. Most of the things will be explained, direct feedback will be provided and ( I hope) clear and slow orders will be given.

So for everyone who wants to get started leading planetmen/women into victory, this is your chance to start this rather easy.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

There are no safe place on Auraxis! Everyone will fall! Muhahahah

But to be honest, thanks Wolken for organizing these cool events! :)

Enjoyable platoon - feedback is always appreciated.

Future leaders or officers, just pm when you may have time to try out leading. I will try to match a date to set something up.

Feedback is like always appreciated - we already had a good round of it after the platoon.

See ya next week

thanks to all the reapers that are offering leading training !

Oh shit I totally missed this  :o


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