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New Event type: new leaders play time

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Hey ho!

This is just a basic idea for a new event type.

As we got many new and very active members in the past few months, it would be great if they could try themselfs as fresh new leaders in our forces.
I already heard some concerns, that they are afraid of telling BR100 A.S.P. vets what they have to do - but no worries:
These events are exactly meant to do so.

If you ever thought about giving leading a try - this would be the moment. Depending on the demand, we will either have a small platoon going or a single squad. Vets will try to help out where they can and show our new gen of leaders the ropes of the Auraxian command.

Would there be interest in something like this? My idea would be every Monday from 19.00-22.00 CET (weekday up for discussion)


i am interested

i will participate once i have the hardware to do so

currently i am looking into changing some rooms in my house and getting a pc with monthly rates...

I wish not to take orders from noobs. Just kidding. I would be more than happy to support anyone who is willing to step up and become a leader.

I second this, sign me up boss!

Anybody else interested besides Sofa for these kind of events? It could be that I have some more stuff in mind to boost our leadership core ^^


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