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[02/02/2019,15:00 CET] 6th Anniversary: Open Platoon

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The Re4pers presents:The VI Year Anniversary Party
2nd February 2019 @ 15:00 CET

Hey everyone!
There it is, it's time again to celebrate!
The Re4pers are going strong now for almost 6 years and we will celebrate our 6th anniversary
on the 2nd of February with a very festive day!
We will have a great birthday party with epic platoons aiming for fun and domination starting at 20.00 CET, lead by your favorite platoon and squad leaders.
A good mix of objective focused gameplay and tactical nonsense will be on the agenda!
If one party is not enough for you, we will host something special this year.  
For everyone who wants to check out the different aspects of the game again and how the outfit is doing these days,
we prepared something special for you: A whole afternoon filled with events around Auraxis!
Anniversary Event Schedule
Starting to get together: Open Platoon 15.00 - 16.00 CET
Chilling a bit: Building a racetrack via construction and enjoying some races (death included) 16.15 - 17.30 CET
Highly specialized gameplay: Either join an infantry, armored or airborne squad to experience very close communication and advanced tactics 18.00  - 19.30 CET
Big finale: Our anniversary party! Here we will have everything you can dream of! A damn big party! Picture of our current outfit will be taken around 21.00 CET
If you can’t join the event, you can always follow us on

Please, post this on Reddit! It is a significant and proud feed!

Hype hype !

So. Who will be streaming on the Re4pers Twitch channel? (Just kidding)

But i will be there as fast as possible to join the hype and my celebration of almost 5 year Re4pers membership :P

DAT is some SERIOUS job damn  :D Looove it!


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