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[13/01/2019,19:00 CET] RE4PERS Platoon night

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Hey guys!

It is time for a good old platoon night. Nice and easy - just hop on Auraxis, commands will be via ingame voice, no special orders.
Back to the roots it is.

4 squad leaders would be great and tons on re4pers! Platoon will be open, but having 48-RE4 soldiers fighting side by side would be a dream.

Cheers everyone! See ya on sunday!

3 Sl's left

Sunday - monday im not sure how long il be able to be online if its suppose to be a platoon night, but i should be there for most of it.

I know that this will sound a bit unorthodox (and naive) but we could invite starlord and that ramey(?) guy from 91ar as SLs. It would be a great opportunity for them to learn something and maybe so to be more useful in the future

@ Fallen - good idea, I like it.

If nobody brings up a good veto until tomorrow I'll try to ask them


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