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[28/12/2018,19:30 CET] After Christmas Combined Arms Platoon

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Hey guys!

Wanted to already inform you that I would like to host another Big Ass Combined Arms platoon.

More informations will follow shortly - but it would be great to know who would be up for it and who could lead the 2nd infantry squad, the air and ground division.

After our experience in the last ones I think we should cut down the vehicle squads to max of 6 per division and use the rest as infantry (which would need also leaders) but this is up for discussion.

Cheers and happy holidays !

Going to Denmark for one week on 29th - perfect date for this event <3 :D

Sounds cool!
Will try to join and lead if you need me!!!

Will join if nothing comes up. Might help in leading as well  :)

Can fly a lib for the air, or do whatever is needed


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