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Thoughts on the new continent?

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My first was: I payed 3 months of membership and they announced it. WTF would happen if I would pay for a whole year? They would nerf VS?


The new continent is a great example for the still running progress of this game.
The new scenery, new mechanics and some storytelling are perfect to improve a Planetside "franchise".

well quick scope and simple snipers heaven
harasser disadvantades not many covers
great tank fight
clusterfuk pushs in caves
few bases what can reduce double team and create longer fights
more airgame if reduce the price for air vehicles
vanu favoritism
pink camo wil be a real camo xD
idk what im missing  but looking forward to it

Is there an estimated time of release?
Cause i would realy like to play on it and my thoughts are that it seems to be a complete new direction of gameplay compared to other continents

They did not give any estimate, i would be shocked if it came before our 6th anniversary in February next year.


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