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*I am not sure whether this is the right subforum to post something like this.

I'd like to discuss with you the best load-out to play as a scout.
The load-out will make a big difference in whether you will be the farming person or be farmed yourself.
The load-out also depends on your play-style. When talking about a scout, I mean an infiltrator that is playing an offensive style with the target of performing quick repeated close-counter attacks from different directions on a group of enemies.

This knowledge is largely based on the video of 'Cyrious Gaming'. You can find it here:
I advise you to watch it as it is very educational.

So this is my personal load-out of the moment. Combined, this will give you the best chance to fullfill your target.

Primary Weapon:
For this playstyle, you should select weapons with close-range effectivness.
I only use scout rifles for this purpose. The 'time-to-kill' is very short with these weapons when attacking from very short distance.
SMG could also be a good choice though I prefer to use the scout rifles since those are infiltrator-specific.
I already auraxiumed the Vandal and the Stalker with this playstyle.
Which attachments?
On the scout rifles, I advise the following:
-Optic: Buy a 1x-magnification you like. Only 1x while you will be attacking from close distance.
-Barrel: Nothing!!!  Nothing here will help you with this playstyle. The silencer is NOT a good tool for this play-style. You don't need to be silenced if you perform it right: the cloaking and the catlike-implant will make sure you are far away safely before any enemy will notice you were there.
-Rail: Laser Sight: when performing very quick attacks like jumping on someone OR when you are surprised by an enemy and need to defend yourself in a close-encounter, hip-fire is the way to go! You waste to much time when you first need to aim. Just spray away those bullets. The laser sight will help your accuracy

Secondary Weapon:
I am not a secondary weapon expert, but Cyrious Gaming recommends the Commisioner.
I use the NC4 Mag-shot (stock weapon) for auraxiuming-purposes.

Tool: I would advise the reckon darts as you will be on the move constantly while playing as a scout! You can never be stationary, so the motion spotter is useless. Be advised though: the enemy will know you are coming when you shoot your first dart! Sometimes it is better to go in blind.

Ability: Nano-armor cloaking lvl 5
Why? The nano-armor cloaking gives a resistance bonus while cloaked. So after you have succesfully killed some enemies, you can flee away safely while cloaked.

Suit: Adrenaline pump
Why? The adrenaline pump increases sprint speed. This comes in handy when attacking or fleeing away.

Grenade: Up to your personal choice. I like the EMP grenade to destroy the deployables and reset the enemy's shield.

Utility: Medical kit!!
Why? The medical kit instantly restores a large portion of your health. It will make the difference between life or death. After a succesful fight, you might be low on health. Immediately use the medical kit to be prepared to fend off an enemy that might be alarmed about the previous fight or to quickly attack again.

Melee: Personal choice.

Implant 1: Catlike Tier 5
The main advantage of this implant is the increased jumping height: it makes an enormous difference!
You can attack from new angles or you can flee away up on rocks the enemy will not be able to follow you - only to jump right behind them to kill them.

Implant 2: Personale choice, although I use the Regeneration Tier 5: it gives the advantage of some health restoration with every headshot kill. Once again: this could be the difference between life and death.

Camo: I didn't use any Daybreak Cash on camo yet, although it MIGHT be usefull. If you have lots of money to spare on this game (and you already have a membership: it gives the best bucks for cash) you could use situation-specific camo.

The main point is: you should always surprise the enemy! Create a diversion, use unexpected angles to attack, ....
This can be achieved on numerous ways: jump on a building or a rock and jump down in the middle of the group of enemies, drive a sunderer in a group of enemies and jump out, ....
Second point: always be on the move! Never stay stationary, never camp, never kill enemies on the same place, .... Keep on moving!
Third point: Figure a target, execute the target and flee away to figure the next target.


This is it for now, maybe I will add more stuff later.
Let me know what you think about this.

(To late for me, will read tomorrow)

But give this man his rank !!

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