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[31/05/2017,20:30 CEST] air squadron training

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So guys,
This is going to be our  air squadron training event which we haven't done in a really long time.
we're mainly gonna fly with reavers and just trying out some communicating, coördinated air to ground/ air to air attacks and formation flying.

everyone is welcome also for the people who aren't yet confident in flying a reaver, although this is not gonna be a training on how excactly you need to fly a reaver.

pls confirm youre attendence by placing a post down below :)

I'll be there. Though i won't be able to stay up for long (prob till ~22:00). I hope 1-1,5 hr will be enough for our first meeting. :)

Damn !!! Wednesday is House evening. ::)

can it be a sunday??

Can't make it :(


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