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Tired of that shoutbox spam?

stonedmedic: Btw it's bunkster effect time 15/08/2016, 18:18
Karbooo: In case you have not noticed, but TheBUNKSTER is online!!!!!!!!!!!! 28/08/2016, 18:04
Karbooo: is @bunkster going to play tonight? please tell me so I can schedule my evening!! 24/02/2017, 16:24
Karbooo: Bunkster is playing! 09/03/2017, 18:54
PandaFraHelvete: Attention everyone, TheBunkster is online, I repeat, TheBunkster is online! 27/03/2017, 18:57


Annoyed by checking the online list every few seconds?


Here is the solution! Introducing:

The Bunkster Alert
(Patent pending)

What is the Bunkster Alert?
TheBunkster Alert is a recently added feature to the Re4pers Website,
which informs you (almost in real-time) as soon as TheBunkster is going online in Planetside 2.

How do I get notified?
There will be a message at the top of the page and a continuous alarm sound,
so no need to check the website regulary, you will hear it! Just keep the page running in the background and make sure that you are logged in.

Why would I need that?
You gotta be kidding me, right? This can't be a serious question!
Keep trolling somewhere else.

Are there more features planned in the future?
Yes of course! You can soon get notified via mail or push notifications directly to your Android/iOS phone.

PS: Happy April Fools Day  ;)

I love you, but..

You should've done something real like adding directive points.. it still says soon.

"push notifications directly to your Android", oh boy, my dream will come true

Check the date ;), but I like the idea anyway!

Man! You cant do this to me in the early morning, just spit my coffee!! Amazing!


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