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Improving the Alert System in Planetside 2!

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Hello everyone!  ;)

I am Maikel580, and my main is a TR char in RMIS. (just incase you did not knew me yet)

I would like to see the alert system in planetside 2 improve, cause at the moment I dont really see any outfits playing together, I never hear anyone screaming in the command channel and above that i personally dont see why i still should even try to take a base... This is quite a serious problem, I dont want to see planetside 2 die yet and i want to have fun when i lead my public platoons!

In the past there was a system called 'facility alerts' were you had to capture and hold as many major facilitys (biolabs, amp stations and tech plants) back then outfits worked together through the command channel and won battles because of teamwork, not because of 500 Zerg russ member rushing the points. A lot of people enjoyed this system but since its gone a lot of leaders and players left and planetside 2 is slightly getting less interest.

I want to rebuild some previous golden times, but i can only make one step at the time. I thereby made a petition on, but please dont see it as a petition, its more meant as a offial count of how many people want to facility alerts back so daybreak can see it and maybe implement it. We already have big VS outfits like Trid onboard and there is stuff regarding this on their website and twitter. Now i wanted to contact the Re4pers cause you guys are a big ass outfits too and i think you enjoyed playing for the bigger and strategic bases too.

Feel free to sign the petition, or contact me on reddit (maikel580)

Here is the link to the petition:

Thanks guys,
Maikel580  8)  :P  :-*

Oh man, you can't imagine how many of us want this nice alerts back.
I'm pretty sure you will get a huge support by many of us.

You had my vote


and mine  :D


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