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Need to know what exactly wolkenwand want me to do and german is still more specific than english.

Can do but we both need to brief in german to be really clear what i do and what you want.

Exames starting 8 days after so i need to see if i can do it, but friday is good.

Would recoment its everytime better to go blind in. Spotter or darts always tell the enmie you are their.
Would also recomment to first learn this playstyl with all scoutrifles and without the comissanar or emeserie.

For the Schadow and the Stalker i still recommend mostly the forward grip for better controll instead of laser sight.
The silencer can be nice, but you need to be closer, flashsuppresser can be also be good.

In the end for me is more important what you can do behind enemie lines like setting up sundies, sabotat enemie ways to points, etc.

I still laught ;D


Already shot him

Think it was Wolkensand

I will find you and i will farm you 8)

I probably go for leading somtime at sunday

You mean rest of the week.
I need to write a homework until saturday :'(

Change of the resist types, they probably do more or less the same damage as before

RE4 Operations / Re: Construction system and inventory
« on: 27/08/2017, 21:50 »
Turretes: AV- Big/small, AA, AP

Modules: Skyshield, Repair, Structere Shield,

Structures: Garage,

Logistics: Spawntube.

Not yet but have some position in mind.
i try to make one.

We need to start to train our platoonleaders for the new mechanic. no more warpgate zerging.
Also the building system can have a heavy influenc to block the enemie by defending terretorie, so we need to work on strategic building.

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