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unfortunately i cant join on this date. Wish you have nice celebrate.

After play yesterday i thinking about lead again for one time :) squad ofc.

Pff... ok i dont play this game lately (1 year) only on infantry.... What the fuck they done with AA Turets... ist uselles... Few m away and bullets will disapier?

BLNG Gang squad with tons of experienced players hunt down anyone who try fly togheter... Ok... I can beat 1v1 maybe 2v1. But lots of other guys cant even  try to go vs them...

I dont know if only pure Air squad will work on next event... in the end we try run with couple of AA sunders and rest in the Air... and its not that bad.
Try consider it Wolk for next time and come up with stategy to counter enemy Gang squad not only with ESF

I will strat play and train again .( sorry i have got season progres

I think you will have got atlast 2 ESF on your side. ThetaCZ have got Lol Pods and rotatry, And i can take what we will need. Maybe will be best you will focus Delton/Buldoc, and we will try keep you AA support

Ace Sithis Report for duty!

Recruitment Archive / Re: PanzerKiwi
« on: 14/11/2016, 10:17 »
Vítej. Doufám že si to tu užiješ.

Recruitment Archive / Re: ShowtimeGirlNC
« on: 17/10/2016, 11:25 »
dont cout me in, i only answer something,

Recruitment Archive / Re: ShowtimeGirlNC
« on: 09/10/2016, 20:54 »
yea but becose she is from america she is active in late hours (and she is crazy like you)

Recruitment Archive / Re: ShowtimeGirlNC
« on: 08/10/2016, 19:29 »
i think she is, Atlast she sound like that on TS

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 9/7
« on: 07/09/2016, 17:59 »
its there but looks like unavaible...

Agree with synho, Its not only how good Platoon leader are, you msut have got good squad leaders. Besicly if squad dont counicate and only depend on what PL say its bad. Give some space for Squad leader and their idea to tactic and line setup.

Nope, i dont have got problem recognize him. Defoult camo, maybe but decail? come on...

Recruitment Archive / Re: ThetaCZ
« on: 13/05/2016, 10:32 »
Vítej, dělej čechům čest

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 4/27
« on: 27/04/2016, 09:46 »

I hope this update does not introduce a lot of bugs.

Poor guys.) he still belive :D

Stop play planetside for 4 days and yea, you will have got only some bugs:)

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