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canis buff shit sure but i would like the dalton deserve the high dmg is need som skill to shot whit it. also better for solo lib players

pff where is the fun there ???

Drunken squad/platoon hype is real

i did it only few times but then it was op xD

yeah but from behind its still paper ... like this is forcing them to play as they shoud be used
Prowler long distance hitting front armor ok but if u get behind them is their fault
Magraider climbing trees and mountain to flank the front armor and hitting long distance cuz ad-ad is vs fav
Vanguard close combat hit destroy heal hit again

So they made the megraider faster the prowler got armor and we got shit again classik

OK i will be here as in the multifunctional role infantry/armor/air ni (NO INFI/MAX) and I will be late... Save some kills for me too

But adrouse just showed me a nice spot on towers to snipe ppl , now its ruined cuz they will know the spot.
Death cam im kinda worried about it cuz findig a good farming spot sometimes is chalanging and now the revived ppl will turn on u in instant ... I think it will work like in BF series so u will know for few sec where ur killer is hiding or heading thats cheaty...

Im getting a bit burned out from infantry im planning to haras some ppl in future so i will need a gunner starting today ...

what is a veteran ??? if it will rank based on directive systems it will be shiet, stats for good leaders are usually not that good then an avg. players ... and voting system can be used by zergfits like like and a unxperienced player give a vote for them ...

Soo sadly i was absent on the drinking event but i had a party grill/pool/drinks and i only can sum up in this pic.

hah they discovered the nc max runs out of ammo before the kell in 1v1 ? i played a little as tr the i 1v1 nc max soo ez he just coudnt kill me with 1mag u just need to count 2-3shot and they if u dont go in straght line u have nothing to fear , not like the tr max a tried out to holy ... basicly if a program my mouse for shooting whitout pushhing tu butten i can set aim on the door start shooting and go afk and make a faking sandvich and when i arive back it will be still shooting

Well if u want some good stuff

Beers(not crafted,what u can buy at basicly every supermarket) :
Pilsner, Krusovice, Zlaty Bazant and one from Iceland: Vikings

Whyskey (cheaper1 what i can afford more casually):
Jemison, Tullamore
(the more expensive1 what i buy maybe 1/m):
oh boy u need to try there is a lot

Diplomatico, Cap.Morgen

Vodka:(for me all tastes the same but):
Finlandia or Russian Standart

Palinka <3 a good homemade original is the perfect

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« on: 12/03/2019, 17:45 »

finnaly a nice carabine for my kill>reload addiction
Wasp Prototype air vehicle ???

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