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finnaly a nice carabine for my kill>reload addiction
Wasp Prototype air vehicle ???

and y no1 want to be black ??? yeah thas racist

Recruitment Archive / Re: NoobInAStockLightning
« on: 02/01/2019, 17:09 »
MrFFF we know him from HARM

only at the beginings later we will c

Recruitment Archive / Re: OutWorldBlood
« on: 09/10/2018, 16:16 »
For me he is a member of 91ar

Armor squad leading is easyer i think so if u want i can lead 1 squad if needed

Planetside 2 News / Re: Thoughts on the new continent?
« on: 06/09/2018, 09:47 »
well quick scope and simple snipers heaven
harasser disadvantades not many covers
great tank fight
clusterfuk pushs in caves
few bases what can reduce double team and create longer fights
more airgame if reduce the price for air vehicles
vanu favoritism
pink camo wil be a real camo xD
idk what im missing  but looking forward to it

make 22 and a 24marathon ? xDDD

well only headshot infis getting faster rechambering and the vs got a personal implant what makes their currently most op weapons even more powerfull nice

Cause u know i can descirbe my idea but when i play sometimes i give full focus to the game and just forgive to command .

hmm can i orginize struff but without leading it ?

The “/squad promoteme” command now has a hotkey option found in the Keybindings settings. This is not bound by default, but savvy squad leaders can rebind it at their leisure.


Can now be called down on lattice bases.
Players indoors may be knocked back (and potentially receive damage from the collision,) but receive no direct damage from the strike itself.
Orbital Strike now charges to maximum range in 15 minutes, down from an hour.


But lot of changes so be prepared , bugs everywhere

cant make it teambuilding camping stuff 9-10, but maybe later i will join


so u can win camo from hossin alert with 90% participation WOW ghost cappers triggered

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