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Recruitment / Re: BugGames
« on: 23/01/2020, 08:22 »
Well, that was a short membership XD

Continent Rotation and Empire Strength

Territory now matters at all times, as each empire gains strength when key facilities are captured, and when continent events are won.

When a faction reaches 100 Empire Strength or more, a Meltdown alert fires off (provided no other events are currently active,) and the victorious faction will lock the continent.

Empire Strength is earned as follows.

  • Maintaining a link to an enemy Warpgate is worth 50 strength, and linking to both is an immediate 100.
  • Owning the center base is worth 15 strength (or 30 on Esamir).
  • Owning a major facility is worth 15 strength (or 20 on Esamir).
  • Each continent-event win is worth 10 strength. Event wins will stack toward your total strength score.

Welcome back victory Points :D

I am so jealous missing that week. Greetings from a Bamboo hut right in the middle of nowhere . These small villages offen only have temporarily Power supply but great LTE coverage :D


Thursday is public holiday/happy drinking day
Wont be able to use a computer properly :D

Wanted to take a PS2 break, but with this update i need to come back today evening :3

ps: for those who followed the shoutbox. It was a windows update that messed up my network drivers.

we're just around the corner from a big live update!


Recruitment Archive / Re: DEEPINTHEBUSHHFTV
« on: 15/03/2019, 22:16 »
...until you play as a team with friends.

and we are pretty friendly guys :3

My gf is out with her gurls, so everything is ready for sitting on my computer drinking beer and shoot planetmans heads.

PS: This is the one i am going for. Greetz to Stumme :3

Expetional I directive, looks great with our outfit decal and nomad armour :P

4k kills left! I am on my way :D

Of course :)

Bunkster reporting in. Man, our outfit is almost old enough to go to school...

Yeah they grow up so fast.
In the near future it'll maybe catch its first STDs  ;D

Going to Denmark for one week on 29th - perfect date for this event <3 :D

Wont make 15:00, but will join later :)

Only 13 signups until now :( maybe we should invite the kain guys?

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