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Recruitment / Re: BugGames
« on: 23/01/2020, 08:22 »
Well, that was a short membership XD

Continent Rotation and Empire Strength

Territory now matters at all times, as each empire gains strength when key facilities are captured, and when continent events are won.

When a faction reaches 100 Empire Strength or more, a Meltdown alert fires off (provided no other events are currently active,) and the victorious faction will lock the continent.

Empire Strength is earned as follows.

  • Maintaining a link to an enemy Warpgate is worth 50 strength, and linking to both is an immediate 100.
  • Owning the center base is worth 15 strength (or 30 on Esamir).
  • Owning a major facility is worth 15 strength (or 20 on Esamir).
  • Each continent-event win is worth 10 strength. Event wins will stack toward your total strength score.

Welcome back victory Points :D

Wanted to take a PS2 break, but with this update i need to come back today evening :3

ps: for those who followed the shoutbox. It was a windows update that messed up my network drivers.

we're just around the corner from a big live update!


Recruitment Archive / Re: DEEPINTHEBUSHHFTV
« on: 15/03/2019, 22:16 »
...until you play as a team with friends.

and we are pretty friendly guys :3

Seems to be a long time but if you think a bit about it will quite be busy in the meantime

0h 0m Continent unlocks
0h 10m Continent stabilizes if crowded enough
0h 40m First "mini Alert" with 30min of "normal" gameplay in between
1h 10m First mini altert ends (i assume they will take 30mins)
2h 10m Second mini alert with one hour of normal gameplay in between
2h 40m Second mini alert ends
3h 40m Third mini alert with one hour of normal gameplay in between
4h 10m Third mini alert ends
5h 10m Meltdown triggers if one faction has 41% with one hour of normal gameplay in between. This alert is basically like the old alerts but as reward you lock the continent instead of getting victory points as in the old days. Even the duration is set to the old 1,5h
6h 40m continent locks

there are a few things on my mind with this system:
First: will there be fourth or even fifths mini alert if no faction is able to reach 41%? This could be to break draw situations
Second: Maybe they should remove the forced third mini alert which would shorten the charging phase by 1,5h to keep a more constant continent rotation. This would result in roughly 5h until one continent locks.
Third: It would be awesome if you could gain advantages for the meltdown alert by winning the mini alerts (uncappable bases, increased/decreased cap timers, nanite discounts or such things)

at first glance i think it is moving to the right direction.

Edit: OHHH i hope they will add multiple kinds of mini alerts. my imagination would have lots of ideas for this.
e.g. Escort a big fat Bomb to the enemy warpgate which will blow up there but watchout that the enemy bombs dont reach yours (like an npc controlled moving base with wheels to be destroyed / repaired),
destroy x enemy tanks with tanks to have huuuuuge armour fights. gather 250000 cortium (or steal it from the other factions) to give player made bases reason to exist, capture base x without using armour (locks all vehicles except sundies and gals, but their weapons are also locked; to get all that hesh and ppa suckers out of their comfort zone) *hyyyyyyyped* ;D

Oh noes 3-5pm re4 time... i fear we wont frag anything today XD

well that was easier than expected. XD google did not really help me.

anyone knows where to find an overview of all currently existant aps perks?

noooooooo i was really locking forward to the em6/anchor combi heavy ;D

but i guess then it will be em6/gladius

WOW ghost cappers triggered

Revival of BKNE?

Recruitment Archive / Re: Sandaderr
« on: 03/07/2017, 09:42 »
YAY! Welcome! <3

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