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Recruitment Archive / Re: daddy1986
« on: 26/02/2019, 18:48 »
Welcome Daddy!


Recruitment Archive / Re: MooseByson
« on: 13/05/2018, 22:26 »
Welcome Brother Moose

Yes, I was a young man of 46 :-)

I'll bring the wine ....

Brother Wolken .. what's your VS Alt Char name?

We need to know so we can focus fire on the heretic  :) 

Brother Karbooo, I guess you have to make the most of the daylight before the eternal darkness starts in a couple of months ...

Recruitment Archive / Re: Majonidius
« on: 09/06/2017, 11:08 »
Very reassuring to see that the CCG is always on the case ....

You are shitting me ... it's actually real????  I genuinely LOL'd at hearing that!

Xerx you are awesome!

LOL .. the most believable April Fool gag since the famous "Spaghetti Tree" report in the 1950s (and no, Karbooo, I wasn't around to see that one).

Top marks, Xerx

Recruitment Archive / Re: fsociety96
« on: 22/03/2017, 18:56 »
Welcome Brit Brother

I'd normally be in the Pub at that time on a Sunday, but since I'm doing a booze free January, I'll join the Ops :-)

Recruitment Archive / Re: Willerino1337
« on: 05/01/2017, 16:53 »
Damn .. that ARM is a tough cookie

Recruitment Archive / Re: RailtracerV2
« on: 05/01/2017, 13:51 »
Item already had a forum account when he applied to join us earlier this year. Our resident Child Catcher General, Brother Karbooo sniffed him out as only being 12 years old. Whether the fact that he applied previously allows him to post, I'm not sure, but go easy on him my mighty Boudica, he's only young :-)

Recruitment Archive / Re: Duckyyz
« on: 07/12/2016, 11:13 »
Welcome back Harry

Recruitment Archive / Re: Cersio
« on: 23/10/2016, 03:29 »
LOL .. You have to hand it to Brother Karbooo, as he edges ever towards permanent darkness for 6 months, he becomes ever more sensitive ...

"The dark nights are drawing in and my humour as is as black as them" said once a great Manchester poet.

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