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RE4 Operations / Re4pers Op´s ideas and suggestions
« on: 23/01/2017, 16:44 »
Hello mighty Re4pers,

after our first Op on sunday we got a lot of positive feedback. First of all a big thanks to PlantPotSoldier for take over the operation! Wolkenwand? Dare you! There was an event in the Internetcafé in the place were you at? You have to put out the Shrike and the Shotgun and blow them away!!! :D (FUN FUN FUN) Just kidding!!! Love you... :-*

So after we done this 1st operation with ingame comms only we have to think about the other Op´s. What you guys wanna do in this Op´s every sunday?

I suggest and vehicle only Platoon. Air and Ground Vehicles.

Please fellow Re4pers, give us ideas ideas ideas! I will collect them into this thread.

Lovely greets,

Gal drop into a huge VS + TR fight and hold a building
The above, but with vehicles
Get a MBT/vehicle into biolab using galaxies. Who ever gets it there first, wins!
Practice getting sundies to new locations in bases (I have a few places in mind, but requires more than 1 person)

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