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RE4 Operations / Random PL Fun Event
« on: 21/10/2016, 20:14 »
Hi folks!

As mentioned in the last community meeting, Mosquito and I want to organize a Platoon-Leading Fun event.
Unfortunately we were both not able to meet in TS at the same time, so I will bring up my thougths on it here.

Basic idea is:

We will make up a platoon up as usual BUT; we will randomly switch the Platton-Lead (exactly) every 10 min.
But because this alone will not bring any fun, there will also be (randomly assigned) handicaps for each of the PL´s.

As far as now I have already came up with five handicaps.
1) No Drop : No one is allowed to drop out of any air vehicle. Therefore Galaxies/Valkyries have to land to deploy the infantry.

2) Corrupted Nanite Blueprint [Galaxy] : We are not allowed to spawn Galaxies.

3)Corrupted Nanite Blueprint [Tanks]: We are not allowed to spawn any Tanks (but any other vehicles)

4)Rookie Training [Infiltrator]: The NC SkyMarshall assigned some Infiltrators to our platoon, to train them for battle. Therefore, HALF of the platoon must consist of Infiltrators at any time !

5) Dance of the Death Angels : The full platoon must ENTIRELY consist of Light Assaults (but vehicle usage is allowed normally)

So, that are my ideas so far. What do you think?

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