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RE4 Operations / RE-STARTING RE4PER OPS (again)
« on: 29/03/2018, 00:24 »
Hey guys,

So I'd like to readdress this issue, I know it's been beaten to death multiple times but I feel we really need to work on it and get it working so as we can all enjoy the game more.

We've recently had a massive op (thanks to wolken) which showed what an organised re4pers platoon could still do, and it got me thinking: why don't we have these as often? Now I'm not suggesting we would have a similar size scale/organised event but having a regular set of days we all try and get online for would improve the experience for everyone. This wasn't so much of a problem in the pass as we had more regular leaders leading daily, now days people leading platoons are less and less which means our members have a harder time knowing when a platoon is running which for most of us is why we joined this outfit in the first place. It is a circle of people joining the game, seeing no one on and leaving or going solo and the same applies for our teamspeak.

What I suggest is we have a vote and pick two days (ideally not next to each other) that we all try to be online for so as to start a decent platoon. Platoon should still be public (obviously make space for re4pers if needs be) so as to keep attracting new recruits. On these days I want people to join us ingame and on teamspeak even if no one else is there! The more people that join the more people that will join! To make it work you guys have to join as well, it won't become a regular thing unless we get the momentum going and making sure everyone knows what days to expect this on. This will also likely encourage more people to lead which equals more leaders!

Any future events etc can also be held on these days in the future.

Most of the outfits in this game have op days so it seems silly that we still don't. And to have two days that we do ops/platoons on will help people on shift work (like me) be able to take part in them.

Let's get voting guys and we'll look to start doing these in a couple of weeks time, the more effort we all put into this the better our in game experience will be! Also TR/VS need a reminder of who we are!

Hello Re4pers!

Our current recruit/soldier ranks and the whole recruitment process is messy, confusing and requires a lot of management to maintain. Some changes will be made in the coming weeks to make it more efficient and easier to manage. The rank changes are the first of many that will better reflect our members status within the outfit.

The changes/new process:


NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE TO THE JOINING THE OUTFIT PROCESS. It will remain as it is, which just to recap is:

.Must be BR 25 or over.
.Must be 16 years of age or older.
.Must first create an account on the forum and apply to join the outfit on the forum first before applying in game.
.They can then apply in game and ensuring the above criteria is met a officer will then accept the application.


.The recruit rank will officially be renamed to 'Soldier'.
.Recruits will still be expected to remain active for one month or face being kicked from the outfit, this will be managed via the current system (officers reviewing the recruitment list on the leadership tab).
.Once a recruit has passed this period their name will be removed from the recruitment list automatically.
.The recruit rank (New soldier rank) members who are not on the recruitment list will have up to two months of inactivity before being kicked from the outfit (unless a post is made on the AFK thread). This will be managed by the Outfit leaders monthly.
.All current recruit/soldier members will be given this rank.


.The soldier rank will be renamed to 'ACE' (may change in the future).
.This rank will be given to current forum side ACE's for the time being.
.ACE's will share this rank with a new rank that will be introduced at a later date.
.Promotion to this rank will be either via becoming an ACE on the forum or via being promoted to the new rank yet to be introduced.

These changes will enable us to free up an in game rank (currently limited to 5 in game ranks) in which we can use to better reflect our members profile in game. This will also make our recruitment easier to manage (current soldier/recruit rank is basically the same thing) and better help the officers to identify seniority of members in game at a glance. These changes will take effect in approximately 2 weeks time (may take awhile to move everyone around) and at the same time as the kicking of inactive members.

Which brings me onto inactivity.
On Sunday the 25/03/18 I will begin kicking members who have been inactive for a long period of time, for the first wave this will only include people of the current recruit/soldier rank. The remaining ranks will be reviewed at a later date. To tie in with the new requirements of the current recruit/soldier rank members who have been inactive for over two months will be kicked unless a suitable post has been made in the AFK thread.

Anyone who is currently a recruit/soldier and have been inactive from in game for over two months, need to either log in in game to reset the timer or make a new post on the AFK thread (https://re4pers.com/index.php?topic=295.0) stating your reason for inactivity.

Kicking of inactive recruit/soldier members will begin on:


As mentioned the remaining ranks will be reviewed at a later date.

That is it for now, as mentioned the other in game ranks will be getting reviewed and possibly changed as well as a new rank being introduced later on. Not only is the two week gap for admin/inactivity issues but also for you guys to post any issues/problems you have with the new changes. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the above in the forum!




On Febuary the 3rd our great outfit will become 5 YEARS OLD!

This of course means we must celebrate with a glorious event! To give those that have not yet been apart of previous anniversary parties and also to hype up everyone else here's the last one:

As the 3rd falls on a Saturday (and I'm also working Saturday + Sunday) we will be hosting the event the day before on the 2nd (Friday). I appreciate Friday may be difficult for some but this being our 5 year anniversary I hope you can make an exemption!

like previous years the party will consist of fun/silly events to troll the sever, awesome well lead platoons to show the full power of the re4pers! As well as some group photos (no RE4 tag making this year, too painful!). we'll be looking to start around 1900CEST lasting for at least 3 hours (we'll do the main stuff in the first hour). Party will be on team speak as well and I fully encourage all Re4pers to be on there as well.

This is a call to all Re4pers, new and old, to come join us in celebrating 5 years of Re4pers! I feel 5 years is a real achievement and would love to see as many of us as possible there. No excuses! Last year we hit 100 Re4pers online at the same time, for our 5 year anniversary I would love to beat that! It is more than doable, we just need to get the word out.

All I require off you guys is one thing... SPREAD THE WORD! Tell all the Re4pers ingame, tell all the Re4pers on team speak, tell all the Re4pers you know that have retired/no longer active. To celebrate such an achievement we will need as many of us as possible! This can only be done by you guys spreading the word, we will crash the sever if we have to! Make sure you all save the date!

See you all there!



A special Thankyou to Felix for the awesome picture/last years video.

Greetings Re4pers!

Obviously with the holidays coming up a lot of us will be busy with family/drinking/presents etc. I'd like to have one big party before everyone goes AFK for a couple of weeks. With the joys of my job/family the actual only day I can host this on will be the 23rd, I know this is very close to Christmas and on a Saturday too but it would be nice to get as many people as we can for it.

If we can we will have a closed re4pers only platoon+ and will have a mix of organised platoon play and fun events, I'm also up for suggestions and ideas for the day as well, maybe like prizes and steam game code giveaways?

As always event will be on teamspeak so the more we can get to join the better, please also advertise this event ingame if you're running a squad/platoon so that we can get as many of us together for a fun night! It will also be a nice to see some of the older members there too for a reunion, obviously if you can make it!

See you all there!

RE4 Operations / [09/04/2017,18:00 CEST] RE4PER OPS
« on: 08/04/2017, 20:25 »
Greetings Re4pers!

My apologises for not attending re4per ops as much as I wanted to, my current job I've had a new shift changed which basically means I normally have to work 5 out of 6 weekends and thus struggle to make it online on Sunday. However I am off tomorrow so will be there!

I should be on for most of the evening and the event time is just a rough guide of when I expect it to get into full swing. So feel free to join me tomorrow guys and let's kick some tr and vs ass!

RE4 Operations / [22/09/2016,20:00 CEST] AIR SUPPORT
« on: 16/09/2016, 17:13 »
Hello Re4pers!

After a couple of games where we have had a re4per air squad/platoon assisting the ground platoon, I want to try and do one as not only can they be really useful but also will give us an air event for all those that like flying.

unlike previous air events I'd like to keep the public platoon going so as people who don't want to fly can still have a platoon to play in and also give targets for the air squad/platoon. I will lead the public platoon if its not already running/takeover from current platoon leader if they want to join the air squad/platoon. Obviously this will mean I need a leader for the air group who must have the channel commander on teamspeak enabled. I will also need at least three squad leaders to stay in the public platoon so we can keep that going at full strength.

The idea being behind this is being able to call in air support to either remove enemy air or take out key enemy targets or anything else that needs air support. Hopfully this will be good fun as well as smashing our enemies! Please bear with this event at the start as it may take a bit of time to get everything running smoothly.

So if you'd like to take part, please write a post detailing what you want to/can do such as:

Reaver - AA/AG or lib - gunner etc

Also as mentioned before I'll need a leader for this air group as well as three squad leaders willing to lead the rest of the ground platoon. I'll keep a list updated with all who say they're taking part so we can form the air group up nicely.



Platoon leader:


Squad leaders:






Wildskill - reaver A2A/A2G
Maz17 - anything except sky whale.
Lunde - reaver A2G
Althyr - gunner
Krillin - reaver/lib A2A/A2G

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