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Recruitment / Re: Fajnsmecker
« on: 04/12/2018, 17:57 »
I am always in need of sniper support! Welcome ^^

Recruitment Archive / Re: czlowiekmusztra
« on: 05/11/2018, 09:15 »
Welcome !

Good squad play yesterday!

Recruitment Archive / Re: Fostercare
« on: 29/10/2018, 13:28 »
Welcome back!

Recruitment / Re: Pavalev666
« on: 26/09/2018, 09:08 »
Thanks for your kind words! Hope we can stand up to the expectations :)

Planetside 2 News / Re: Thoughts on the new continent?
« on: 10/09/2018, 18:56 »
Hopefully, especially multi threading support, better usage of cpu/gpu and stuff. I have not that much knowlegde about it, but we will see what they will introduce (and what they will break on the way :P )

Planetside 2 News / Re: Thoughts on the new continent?
« on: 10/09/2018, 18:35 »
And performance - some speculate that we might get directx 11 support


And in the end, I have a simple question: Does anybody want to organise the next one?

Wolken (now really) out

Me too, pal. Me too...

It was an awesome night, actually a shame that it was my last one for a long time...
As for this, I will make my review a little bit shorter than normally:

In general:
Platoon build up:
Next time please please please don't have premade platoon up. It makes things far more difficult to manage.
The way to go: Platoon lead opens up, invites the SLs and they invite the people they need for their squad. With this every SL can manage it and nobody needs to be switched around.

Google Doc:
Was bit messy, as I didn't see it coming that people would enlist them in two different parts of the doc (platoon overview and the divisions itself). My fault, learned the lesson.
I am very sorry that I didn't have space for people who enlisted and didnt get space because of this - I take full responsibility.

Point hold:
Struggeled in the beginning (many people without microphone = less communication), but later one was a great force. Special call out to the newer guys in Alpha, in the second part you rocked!

Great work with the Spawnoptions! That was amazing - simply as that. Depending on situation, the switching to infantry could have been a little bit faster, but this was more a problem with the fights itself. Overall good job!

Armoured Warfare:

Burning prowlers for the win. Here I have to call out the great communication over command channel. Precise, asking for orders when needed, providing feedback and situation reports when due. Armored force looked from PL perspective great, sometimes facing huge overpops and still holding.
The thing I would like to add would be to focus more on defending our main spawn options to maintain the fight, but this would come with time and more combined ops events.

Air Squad:
Here again great coms and good call outs. Very adaptive squad as you got hunted by some of the best pilots in the whole game. Still provided air cover and call outs. Sometimes it is difficult to be a reaver on Auraxis, but you handeled it well.

Combined arms:
Armoured + Infantry:
Timing could have been better from time to time. Mostly I think the infantry was to fast, as the tanks arrived one minute late (driving 40 tons of death takes it time). Should be adressed next time with giving the armoured division a little more time.

Armoured + Air
Air struggled alot, so maybe we will try to combine their coms the next time - open for ideas.
Setting up AA traps or shelling a tank line from behind would be the to goals next time. This takes practise, so we should try it the next time.

Infantry + Air
Escorting transport vehicles should be something we have to do the next time.

Again, I can simply thank all for the great platoon, we kicked ass and had amazing caps.

And in the end, I have a simple question: Does anybody want to organise the next one?

Wolken (now really) out

Ok people! The doc will be shared with other outfits!

So if you want a space in the platoon, you have to enlist now!

I will ask ORIG, KAIN and 4RCE

Great news ! Just enlist for something and we will see what will be needed most on Sunday.

Recruitment / Re: BattleNurse
« on: 03/06/2018, 15:07 »
Welcome to the Re4pers!

Cool name by the way ^^

Awesome! I will try to make some more advertisement this weekend :)

Anybody up for the air squad ? Flat/Iggyd/xQyz/Sithis?

Starting to organise this from tomorrow!

The first thing is already up -
It would be really cool to get 8 Sls, the position of the CO officer was really helpful!

As this will be my last day of gaming, let's try to make a big one guys...

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