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Lets do it again! If plattoon voice is still broken, we need to communicate over TS again. See you!

Hey Wolkenwand,

I know. But thats life, I guess. ;)


Hey people,

it was a lot of fun yesterday and in my opinion the game won much with the esacalation update. So lets dance once more! Hope to see you all there!

Stay healthy

somehow im under the impression he likes it raw and old shool. no routers, no anvils, no bastions...

Oh, I love routers. And the bastion - its the first time I see it in action and I am looking forward to it.

Hi there,

time for platooning again! Hope to see you all around!


The only real platoon gameplay outfits left on cobalt are on TR side, with SONS, 95SS and BAWC. If they have something up, expect organised mega zergs.

Yummy, that sound juicy. And thx for the info, thats good to know.

(We managed to fill up a 2nd one pretty easily, when we wanted, in the last weeks)

Really? Thats interesting. Are there other NC outfits running platoons frequently? And thanks for the offer, but before opening a second one, I will try to boost the quality of the first one to its max ;)

See you!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

its been a while and I am happy to see that this fabulous outfit is still doing great!

For me its time to run a Bunky platoon again. Some of you might remember the show, some newer ones might not. To paint a picture: We will have an open platoon that will be lead tight and will care about objectives. We go for the biggest fights, the most desperate ones and will try to turn the tide. Alarms will be played to win them - the goal of every fight is victory, nothing less. Depending on the situation, the platoon will act as a whole or will be splitted in squads whith different objetives. People that are not willing to follow their objectives will be warned and kicked. I will try to buid up an A+ platoon over time, with cooperating people that help each other and put the platoon in the first place.

I hope to see some of our talented squad leads around, I will for sure need some update on the latest game changes :)

Fear the Reapers!

Hey there,

we wanted the sunday to become a fixed date for all kinds of events, right? This one was still free, so I take the opportunity.

I am gonna host a platoon again! The one on Tuesday was absolutely amazing and one of the most fun PS2 sessions I had in month. Guess I have tasted blood again... hope to see you all there!

Fear the Re4pers!

Recruitment Archive / Re: daddy1986
« on: 25/02/2019, 01:28 »
"retirement plans"

Jesus Christ, he's only 32!  ;)

Thats enough lifetime to do important stuff. Mozart died with 35, Curt Cobain with 27 - in that line even 32 sounds a bit morbid, dont you think :)   

Recruitment Archive / Re: daddy1986
« on: 22/02/2019, 01:26 »
Hey Daddy! It has been a while since we met last time. I still remember you training some fresh re4pers squad leaders 5 years ago (or something) in cross-outfit training sessions ... good old days. Welcome to the re4pers, friend. Its really an honor that you (and all the other kains) choose us for your - is it harsh to say "retirement plans"? I hope we meet ingame soon!


Bunkster reporting in. Man, our outfit is almost old enough to go to school...

Re4pers Platton as you know it. We will see, shoot an win. Like Caesar, wenn I got the latin translation right :)

Hi there,

time to seriously kick some ass again! Got some holidays to spend and what could be better then spend it with you on Auraxis? (Karbooo, that was a rhetorical question.)

Platoons task will be simple: Domination. We will fight  every alert and go for the win. We will seek for the big fights and especially try to engage the coordinated platoons on TR and VS side, if there are any. When we have found them, we will show no mercy. Blue will be the new Black!

Hope to see you!

RE4 Operations / Re: RE-STARTING RE4PER OPS (again)
« on: 30/03/2018, 01:00 »
When I got it right, Plants idea was just to bottleneck our activity a bit. Like days where you expect an ops or just a plattoon going on. Thats good! I also think mega-events like the combined arms ops by wolken or KAIN-ops should be exclusive
 and no daily or weekly events. But having dedicated days for, lets simply say: organized gameplay ... it would give people like me an idea when to show up ... And I know there is a ton of old, (maybe rusty?) re4pers material here ;)

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