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Hehe. It usually takes a while for them to compile the list of players and apply it to the live servers. I think it took almost two weeks from PTS event to having it on live when I got it.

I haven't read through all the changes in detail yet but oh my are there some weird things in there...

  • No more Helbard sniping?
  • EMPs no longer drain abilities / Heavy overshields
  • Infantry AV nerfs
  • AP is useless which results in more Tanks with anti-infantry weaponry

Reading through them again. Catlike, Assimilate seem broken as hell too...


INvisible heavy gona rocket your ass

That sounds broken like crazy. So basically everyone can be a stalker now...
Same with the "Clear Vision" implant that now works for all grenade types.

Not much info on the new implant system yet:


Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: PC Game Update - 12/1
« on: 01/12/2016, 07:52 »
Both now have a 0.5sec. cooldown between uses; this change forces the player to re-equip the device if they would like to use more than one in succession.

More Heavy tears incoming... :D

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 10/24
« on: 25/10/2016, 13:44 »
well the new update completely broke the game for me some how now it says my pc doesnt meet the minimum specs wich is strange as i have been playing it since it came out

From that BattlEye message it looks like for some reason it blocked your graphics card driver's DLL atiumd64.dll.
Are your drivers up-to-date? Try updating them, if that doesn't help send a costumer support ticket with the battleeye log and hope the they can fix it.

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 10/24
« on: 24/10/2016, 07:49 »
Lets hope that the new anticheat system will not block recursion tracker.

It doesn't. The BattleEye devs already confirmed that it is "whitelisted". Same for other commonly used tools like Overwolf and the teamspeak overlays.

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: [PTS] PTS Updated.
« on: 08/08/2016, 11:56 »
Formatting Fixed:
New Stuff
  • Region HIVE Efficiency scoring has been updated and a new map filter provided
  • The ANT mineral radar is now passive (no longer occupies the utility slot) and the first rank is auto granted. Anyone who purchased the mineral radar utility will have their certs refunded (and will need to repurchase any ranks in the passive skill line)
  • Glaive IPC (the ion cannon) added to the construction depot
  • Rocklet Rifle has been removed for the time being. We ran into a number of bugs with the way it’s been implemented, so we need to re-evaluate the direction and try again.
  • Updated Koltyr lockout string to "You are too experienced to fight on Koltyr" to improve messaging for characters that are under BR 15 but are on veteran accounts that no longer qualify for Koltyr.
  • Underbarrel Smoke Grenade now has unique fire audio.
  • Reduced mass of Ammo packs

Bug Fixes
  • Dual photon pod projectiles are now more visible on low settings
  • Tank primary cannons will animate properly again when firing
  • Basic Training directive kills should no longer update in VR

Aww. Just realized the last one in that patch notes. I was having so much fun trolling tank columns with those heavy ammo packs :(


Sadly looks like ours didn't make it in yet again. Although there are some new outfit decals in this update:


Oh PTS update. Time to check it our decal is in this time around

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 6/1
« on: 02/06/2016, 07:44 »
Something very important was forgotten in the patch notes: https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/4m1spo/so_cores_can_grow_now/

Yep, kinda the biggest change of them all :D

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 6/1
« on: 01/06/2016, 08:15 »
It wasn't on PTS when I checked on Sunday. They might have added it in the mean time though.

Good changes. The turrets have been way too powerful.

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