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Title: Angelsalt
Post by: A.R.M BOT on 01/04/2021, 16:53
In-game name: Angelsalt

Battle Rank:  6

Age: 19

Country: Germany, Hamburg

Why do you want to join the Re4pers: Looking for a friendly community to play with. I hope from this lots of fun and also some advice (relatively new).

Hope you accept me and we hear soon.

PS: Im unavariable at the weekend cause i go visit my grandparens, so i am able to come to the TS at Monday or laiter ;)

Link to player profile: Angelsalt Profile (!/5429116967871617457/stats)


Hello Angelsalt and welcome to The Re4pers!

To join our outfit in-game too, please reach out to one of our officers on our Teamspeak server ( and ask for an invite.

Once you get accepted in-game, your four weeks trial will start.

Feel free to introduce yourself in our Introduction Thread ( and make sure to read our guidelines (

Your forum group is changed to Grunt now. You can start viewing everything on the forum. You are also welcome to join our Teamspeak:

Remember to be friendly, active and polite.

We hope you will enjoy your time with The Re4pers. See you on Auraxis!

The Automatic Recruitment Manager
Title: Re: Angelsalt
Post by: lololfirefis12 on 04/04/2021, 19:40
Welcome in the re4  :)