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Intelligence and Orbital Strikes Coordination

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Yeah, you need to be in the outfit. If you are alone you can still use it as super powerfull artillery. However you will die quickly without any air support that fights off enemy fighters

I remember seeing a guy who pulled it as a 1 man outfit. it did not end well for him


--- Quote from: Fallengud on 06/02/2021, 09:40 ---I remember seeing a guy who pulled it as a 1 man outfit. it did not end well for him

--- End quote ---

That's why I never tried to pull one (well maybe in a day with exhibitionist desires...) and because I must collect all resources looks like an unbearable waste.

Anyway, I hope to have the opportunity to use my OS today and see how effective are in biolabs. If good enough I wonder if it is a way to coordinate with small orgs because there are plenty of OS waiting to be wisely used. Is a place where to speak NC Cobalt outfits? Also I'm thinking about the delay between strikes, 10" or 15" are the timings I'm considering. Maybe 15" is good enough but I must observe how much time need people to recover from strikes.

I would recommend it to join a larger outfit like us or TDKD (maybe MUMS, TPDV or BJAY). 1 OS is usually not doing enough and a larger outfit can provide more resources. We also got a Discord channel for the representatives of the NC outfits.

 RMIS guys use OS around the 40-45 sec left on a base cap. The arming time is cc 10-15 sec so they can make sure that the opposing forces cant reach the point with a last push in these critical last seconds.

Also OS are quite commonly used as an anti citadel shield tool. Quick hint: you can also destroy a citadel shield with dropping another citadel right on top of it (aiming it correctly is important). The shield is cheaper than the OS ;)

On the bastion: the meta turned a bit against it with the colossus tanks but they are still good decoys and zerg stoppers. Using them in successfully attacking bases however is more hard and needs practice


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