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Intelligence and Orbital Strikes Coordination

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Hello to everyone.


Last days I played some hours as NC, also I tried to help in leader's chat with advice, not a good experience.

First I have the impression the leader's chat is not secure, because I've seen some enemy's reactions ingame that can be related with the discussions there. So, I stopped talking (for relief of the rest of players) in this chat.

Of course I still believe that some direction must be mustered because NC is failing to win contests for bad decisions.

One thing I observed is the progression of TR using their main strength, that is zerg assaults. To put one example, targeting "problematic" bases like Biolabs (specially Biolabs) early game. Making nearly impossible to kick them from there. NC and VS also will find useful such tactics but my gut tells me TR is the specialist here.

In this regard I suggest to watch carefully around these bases to avoid horrendous stalemates.

That's is an introductory thinking to the next questions.

1.- Can Orbital Strikes be effective in Biolabs and closed bases? I use regularly OS but never tried there.

2.- How much OS have a big Org like yours? This question is relevant because if you have 2, like me, that's a problem.


My theory is that: if OS have some impact in areas like Biolabs (I will perform some testing tonight) one or two may will not be enough to stop full scale zerg. But five or six consecutive strikes in the spawn areas may make the difference. So small orgs or even Solo orgs like me can help reserving their OS to such events. The only way to put this in effect is with some key/specific petition ingame.

Best Regards


Orbital Strikes in Biolaps have 4 effects you can utilize:
1. You kill all Maxes in the area that need to be revived (obviously good if enemy has many maxes on one point)
2. You kill all deployables (mines, barriers, Engineer Turrets) (good if a chokepoint is heavy fortified)
3. You push everybody away from the center of the explosion (good if enemy has a lot of Ligh Assaults running around on the roofs)
Edit: 4. You can kill anybody who is inside the inner circle of the orbital, even if they are inside
And for the ammount of Orbitals in the armory. As soon as the anvil weight buff hit live you will be able to craft 2 orbitals, 2 Shields and plenty of anvils (we most likely will have 2 then, right now we have only 1)

Great to know. That mean small orgs are needed to help in such scenarios.

Because I'm Solo I only use OS and some infantry/turret buffs to help in some battles.

What to do with a Bastion!



--- Quote ---What to do with a Bastion!
--- End quote ---
Is that a question?

Well, alone piloting such monster...  ::)  I guess only outfit members can spawn there.


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