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--- Quote from: ViciousWankNC on 22/08/2020, 03:36 ---(...) It's true that you've done a lot for the outfit, as many here have,(...)

--- End quote ---
Well, many have done something in/with the outfit but for the outfit is debatable.

Also Fallen certainly put enough effort in this outfit to criticize the development of the outfit the second he stopped being around.

Thanks Felix, but I waited a bit more than a second :P

The reason why I started to critize now is that I assume that the next OW will be in September or October and at the current state im not even sure that we could even qualify

Well, maybe if the criticism was in any degree first off constructive, and second followed basic norms of conduct.

You cant expect
entitled (hes making demands of actions he has not / have not willing to put effort in and take part in, while also waving his status and authority around)
ranting (hes addressing other outfit members in a spiteful, belittling and inflammatory manner
to be taken on as worthwhile, cause social norms by default put blame on the aggressor and 9/10 times kill any merit in their arguments.

You're complaining about inactivity in a thread titled "RE4pers are back in business!" doesn't that raise any red flags for you?

This is not a company organization were doing here. Noone gets to assign jobs or point fingers. Its a voluntary hobby organization, either You get in and participate on Your own accord, put in as many effort as You personally feel comfortable with and feels rewarding for you, or you simply don't participate and that's the extent of your power.

Why the fuck would you derive your satisfaction and feel rewarded from, causing stress and burnout on other voluntary members, or perpetuating conflicts between group A and b in a organization. Is completely out of my understanding, and i don't want it to be accepted.

If i were to answer Fallen questions:
When we will be back in business? - This is a ops event thread, there is a date on the ops that someone is willing to organize and lead.
Other outfits are doing shit we need to compare to them. - Since when Re4pers needed to look outwards on other outfits for validation?

The original posts States that the Re4SpecT is resuming, but the activity will be otherwise low until September. However disappointing that might be we are in August so lower activity is just as mentioned.

I think the original post can be perceived as we are in full swing again, while it only pertained to occasional Sunday ops.

I want everyone back online, must record a lot of reapers at once! But I will wait if outfit command has plan to increase activity in September.

Most of us joined this outfit because we liked the gamestyle this outfit was playing and then we stayed because we also started to like the outfit and the people in it. And now, when i start to critize you for giving up on this and call for returning to the RE4 way i get the "shut up, you dont play here anymore" lines... Just let me point out that we had council members for quite long time without any in-game activity, without a problem and also this is not a constructive and forward pointing answer on the problems we face.

About being constructive: I said to get shit done and start organize things. Do you need any details about how to do this? First of all, just start to do organised casual gameplay on weekdays so that our members feel that they got something to come back for. After this is established, you can start to organize specific trainings again, just like we did in the spring. Please let me know if you have any more question on this, im happy to help.

This is not a company organization, but we all like to play this game and we are adults enough to know that sometimes we need to put some effort in something so that we can have the fun we want. Even in a game.

On causing stress and burnout... What you are talking about is "Is completely out of my understanding, and i don't want it to be accepted" so why the fuck would i want to do that?

In the past there was no base or reason to compare ourselves to other outfits, because our activity, membership and performance was so much above theirs. You realy think that this is still the case? As i saw from the other side RE4 is not the sledgehammer of the NC anymore. The outfit stopped existing on the battlefield and we are not the guys who get shit done anymore. That is the reason why i did the comparisson.

Just to provide you also a part of the solution, as I did so for so long in the past, even in the shittiest period of PS2, I'll start to run casual gameplay on weekdays from 8 to 10 CET on the days when I can get home from work in time.


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