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In some of the country's people still are on vacation. When this post was made we decided to do the ops every 2 weeks because of the vacation. Give people the time to celebrate there vacation after there hard work in IRL and ingame.

If you so stressed that we don't make the OW3 please don't.
There is still no announcement on when OW will take place and rushing stuff is not gonna help it.
We will stand there if the OW3 is announced to show who we are.

Everyone play nicely! I have been back to work for 2 weeks now and will be playing a lot less but if they release dates for an OW I will make sure im free and the same with the events.

OK, well first off guys me and Fallen are fine, don't worry, we spent like 3 or 4 hours playing PS2 together yesterday. Dont take this like were about to tear chunks out of each other. Were just both two socially awkward nerds... or maybe just me.

Fallen im not telling You to shut up, im telling You to not shout aimlessly. Not sure if this came from a position of frustration or is a tactic to drill some discipline into ppl. But You have to understand that yelling at the most engaged person that's trying to organize shit around here (witch sorry but that's the only interpretation i could give for your reply, especially on this thread) especially after your perceived few month absence is not a good look and just riles ppl up.

Like mentioned at the beginning maybe i also went into this too hard, but in my opinion someone has to start calling this kind of shit out if we don't want to drift apart more.

Like i said in a recent council internal discussion -
The re4 community has no direction, its natural state is stagnation, witch is not a exactly a bad thing, just a product of having a stable group of ppl that keep it afloat as a platform. The only direction or activity it has is the one that someone puts into it.
Im just gonna say it once more. Pushing on others or criticizing decisions you had no discussion or effort in, is destructive in the long run and not the way to go. Leads to burnout and resentment that we dont need. If You want shit done put effort in and inspire others to also take action.

Looking forward to joining Your platoons and squads thanks in advance.

I am also socialy awkward.. But when it comes to love relationships :'(

Ducky, unfortunately i dont think that things can be turned back from one day to the other. To bring us back to the position we were and then to start to improve even further, we will need time. Better to get start to it and you dont want him to be right, right? :)

And dont forget, our opposition also improved. I saw more T guys back in business, BROS running regular platoons and stealing our tactics + URGE also stepped up a level in their gameplay. It is time to show whos boss. We are.

(And to quote another classic: 'Bout time we kicked this revolution into overdrive.)


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