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Regular roster is back on the menu boys, with the first RE4SpecT Sunday 26th of July at 20:00 CEST.

Activity will stay on a lower pitch though and not expecting that to change untill the beginning of September. To compensate we may put more emphasis on joint operations with other outfits.

More info and signup link regarding RE4SpecT can be found here:

(RE4 wallpaper made by "Ansic") (Post modified to include Showcase video instead, Also by Ansic, done by MrFFF)

When will you be back in business? I see Orig, AXMI and TPDV running squad(s) almost every day, I see their base caps, but I can barely see any RE4 activity. I think you just completely lost all of the momentum we built up for the 2nd OW...

when will "you" be back in business, I think "you" lost momentum - are you not still a reaper? why aren't you active on NC? I see a lot of people in here complaining about the level of organisation and activity we have, but when it comes time to sign up for ops they are silent.

I did my fair share of activity for this outfit in the past. Also, I stoped playing NC for a reason. My leadership style probably would still not be very popular and my exit was also not pretty. However, I had put a lot of effort in placing this outfit to where it was at the 2nd OW finals and it pains me to see how easily and quickly things stoped working and im not happy about it. Also, I cant believe that, "you", guys cant run this outfit without me, because nobody is irreplaceable, not even me. Get "your" shit together and start organise stuff again. If you want to see things moving again, start to push them.

I'm not sure I even want to address what you wrote there fully, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to say something that I'll regret. It's true that you've done a lot for the outfit, as many here have, and we're all grateful for that. However, if you are no longer willing to put any effort in for the outfit, then you forfeit the right to criticise those that still are. Don't sit in the backseat and tell us how much better it was when you were in charge.


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