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Good relationships are always a good thing for the NC, so if you want to live free together post in here.

Greetings dear Re4pers.

As an ex Re4per player I will be glad to maintain contact and help in the only areas I'm strong. Strategic advice and scout/infil ops. That's why I'm redacting this post here and not in other places of the forum, despite is a lot of content not related with diplomacy but tactics I want to share here.

I play as a solo outfit because my crap laptop and problems hearing voices ingame. That's why I found very rewarding helping NC to win contests, and normally playing as a infiltrator in secondary bases.

Last days I started trying to coordinate NC efforts in contests, informing about the ongoing combats and directing troops to points of strategic interest. The balance is not bad, 2 victories and a half. Last one, very complicated, put light on one aspect complained by Re4pers squad leaders: The Alien cage tactic.

I explain that: do you remember the scene with 3 aliens on a cage? Two decided to kill the third in order to escape. That is what is happening lately in contests if NC looks weaker (no doubt related with population numbers provided by the publisher). TR and VS focus first in unseating NC, gaining as much as they can, and last half hour they change focus to each other. It's a correct strategy because the pace of conquests is faster facing the weaker and even faster if the other side is helping.

You need to know that and use it against themselves.

If I remember correctly was Frederick the Great who said something like "in a defensive war inexperienced generals tend to try to defend every point in the front". That is a mistake if you have not the numbers or other advantages.

The answer I can provide is a dilemma, you must defend mainly against VS or TR? Against the strong or the weak? I'm not 100% sure about this and must be put in trial, but my first bet is the strong one. Why?

In first place I consider that regaining bases is easiest from the weaker than the strong, you must consider that in late stages of the game you will be needed in capturing these bases. The second consideration is that the weaker after some gains will refocus on the strong one. One example of the typical contest: TR and VS storm NC bases across all the map, apparently the strong one is VS, not only when numbers are favourable but also because seems me they have smarter leader teams. NC grosso modo put their force in containing VS at all costs. After half hour, maybe one, TR is equalling bases with VS and the fight between them increases. In this moment you can start transferring troops from one front to the other. Of course it is a limit for that, you may not let be warpgated and beware of isolated big bases, they usually attract more people and are hard (time consumers) to recover. Another consideration is that a deliberate and arbitrary defence will surprise and maybe confound the other contenders.

That reminds me another aspect of the game, the mistakes are very punishing. Not making mistakes is half victory. For exemple, reaching the enemy warpgate can provoke an undesirable reaction.

Another thoughts that I want to share are about the use of vehicles, defence and equipment.

 · TR are the kings of air, good pilots tend to play TR because the Mosquito is the best ESF. They are arrogant enough to put anti infantry weapons instead of AA (do you remember the Brrrr! of death?). If you are in a vehicle in TR area you must consider a specific loadout with AA. You can call it Raid Mosquito Killer. In modern warfare the first target is air force and after skies are cleared focus on vehicles and infantry.

 · All sides use massive numbers to overwhelm adversary, zerg assaults are a PS2 trademark and nothing can be done to stop a locust plague, neither OS or Bastions or storms (developers know that). You may consider defending such base that is not critical against zergs useless, probably you will be mercilessly farmed if numbers don't help.

 · If you see one base is hardly defensible you may fill the path to the next base with mines. A squad of engies will be enough to kill some vehicles. That must be done quickly because time is gold (Valkyrie). Some engies like I are used to do that, but a massive minefield will be far more effective (and amusing to see). That can be used in combination with Harassers as a bait.

That's all, for the moment. Thank You for reading.

Vahurin / Cobalt Scout

You made some good advices yesterday. I recommend to the others to also consider what you are writing when they are leading.

(Yesterday we had not that many players online and we mainly wanted the TR to lose as it was their ops night, but with a more attention on the VS we could have won that Hossin...)

Vahurin i am glad you are here and that you want to help the cobalt nc. cobalt nc needs people like you ! there is a posibility that i will come back to your offer...


--- Quote from: Fallengud on 12/11/2020, 10:48 ---You made some good advices yesterday. I recommend to the others to also consider what you are writing when they are leading.

(Yesterday we had not that many players online and we mainly wanted the TR to lose as it was their ops night, but with a more attention on the VS we could have won that Hossin...)

--- End quote ---

Hello Fallengud. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean with "ops night". But yes, victory was in our grasp. I must say VS played smartly cutting several bases at the right time. They use zerg tactics but not so indiscriminately like TR, that's why TR is more dependent on population than VS, I've seen alerts wined by VS despite being in numerical inferiority.

You can read this reddit tread that seems to confirm my analysis.

"You can see VS solo stalkers and small squads trying to disrupt entire zergs." That's me  8) , my problem is that I'm a terrible shooter.  >:(

But, of course, not only me, also I can point to outfits that can do a lot of harm: Trinkhallenlifestyle [TRNK] a few hardcore players that are above average level. We meet frequently the same targets and I must to say they play hard and smart.

So yes, you must watch carefully VS moves because is a brain working on it.


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