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I hope that I can work out a proposal till tomorrow.
Something like: recruit - soldier - officer on trial - officer - outfit leader.

This way we could give the officer rank to in-game and community leaders and would have stepping stone for people who want to try and proof themselves.

I'm also supporting a "you are a leader only if you lead" approach too. But for this it should be clearly defined what Leading means

Hello fellow RE4PERS,

I recorded the February community meeting for everyone who couldn’t attend. This time there are almost no issues, I have learned my lesson from last time. Nevertheless, there is a small Windows sound at 26 minutes and 20 seconds.

Here is a list of all the edits I made:
-Since there was a lot of purely ingame platoon related talk, I took the freedom to cut it out:
 00:00:45 to 00:01:35
 00:02:54 to 00:12:42
 00:13:00 to 00:13:34
 00:21:16 to 00:21:25
 00:24:11 to 00:24:21
 00:27:49 to 00:28:12
 00:28:23 to 00:29:30
 00:40:00 to 00:40:08
 00:40:42 to 00:40:47
 00:41:53 to 00:42:05
 00:42:26 to 00:44:41
 00:48:35 to 00:52:17
 01:04:48 to 01:04:58
 01:07:56 to 01:08:15
 01:08:53 to 99:59:59
-Please note that the timestamps are relative to real time and not to the final, cut recording.
-Around one fifth of the recording was total silence, I shortened all silent parts longer than 0.5 second by 90%
-I compressed the dynamic range of the entire recording as it was a little too quiet for normal listening
-In addition to that, I reduced the amplitude of some short, exceedingly loud sounds to -6dB below the clipping threshold.
-And finally, I removed some background noise like keystrokes

Unedited 44.1KHz 16bit PCM 396MB
Unedited 192KHz 32bit float PCM 402MB (Please note that the filesize here is a lossless zip compression)
Edited lossless 44.1KHz 16bit FLAC, 83.6MB
Edited lossy 32kbit/s Opus, 8.7MB

Just like last time I only uploaded the last version, if you need the other three please ask for them until the end of April.

Edit 1 (24.02.2020): Added the note about the misleading filesize

I know that this might sound a bit hollow from someone that so far does not commit to a lot of Strategic leading and such. But as Fallen proposed, I also think the current state of the game would be a good opportunity to refine our over all leading style. Here i will put my ideas of improvements, and also like Fallen put a bit of critique of the current state of things. Lets get that out of the way... Wolky Your effort of doing a more fire-team focused play and the few combined arms platoons went a long way there is no doubt, but like You herd me say before: i think that if we don't discuss and plan things on the fly and just slow down - We loose cohesion, get tired and discouraged fast based of performance. I think that its not enough to keep the old style, and change or focus on just one element at a time. We need to structure a some procedures from the ground up.

Since as Fallen suggested we need to restructure and step up our game, I assume we will have to not only offer training to new leaders but also somewhat retrain the current leads. This gives a good opportunity to rework our standard leading procedures.

1) Im suggesting we start doing high cohesion squads/platoons, as something that if not to replace our current lead stile, at least implement as a training sessions to improve our gameplay over all. Im thinking slower passed, more structured squads that simply do not tolerate Free for all movement. This kind of leading requires a lot more engagement from the supporting Squad leads and squad officers and it lives or dies based on the availability of the staff to manage them. We can use later proposed structure to implement some proper scaling into our squads, to be more flexible to how many leads we have available at a specific time.

2) We should implement a standardized class composition, as well as putting its organization on the list of squad leaders duties. Squad leads should designate ppl to fit their fire-team role, not give loose suggestions like "We need more medics". They should have designated clear coms time to do it, and should report to the PL that they are ready. Currently usually we don't control this during regular Ops at all.

Even if squad leads have control over the composition of their squad, a Standardized prepared Squad and Fire-team class template will streamline the process. Here is my suggestion:
Each squads composed of three 4person fire-teams
By default each squad consists of either 2 Assault and 1 support fire teams, or if squad is not full 2 Mixed etc.
-Asult fire-team - 2 HA/LA 2 MED,
-Support Fire-team - 2 ENGI 1 INF 1 MED,
-Mixed Fire-team - 1 HA 2 MED 1 ENG/Inf (Squad lead designates for each fire-team)

3) During preparation we should build specifically determined tactical response groups. Ask around who wants to take Specific roles, and group them in the standard fire team groups or squads, and call out to action as needed.
Example response groups:
-Armour and its support
-Ground Lock-on Group - something i really value as the best low resource method of fighting enemy armour - noone wants to fight infantry when they are doing armour. at the same time 8 ground lock-on or god saws with support are able to crush most Armor advances and if not, they can just regroup and try again at no cost.
-Spawn point logistic

4) I Think we need 1 Squad lead and one "squad officer" in every squad. Squad officer should be someone (preferably on TS) that the Squad lead can count on to be the first person to respond to what the squad needs - Pulling extra sundies, getting the gal when SL cant, scout the situation at a base etc.

I believe that In a serious Ops, if there is no dedicated Squad lead with someone to support him, the squad should not be open at all. If a squad is open and the squad lead leaves/resigns with no one to replace him. Or if there is more ppl then the available fully functional squads. PL should decide to either cut the extra ppl from the Platoon or declare that for example delta squad is a support squad and its members should follow as they see fit until someone volunteers to lead.

5) If possible Ops have to have set time frames for operation, this should help other ppl take over after after the current PL is done. Our sessions should have predetermined time for short brakes and discussion - in stead of doing a opinion pull at the end (when half of the members cant recall half of the ops, are offline or don't feel like there is any point of talking since its all over and not relevant now) Set aside a good chunk of time for the typical questions of, what we did good, what we need to work on, what we are doing better starting immediately. Lets say we do a pit-stop brake like that set every 30-60 min, does not mater what is happens on the map, we take brakes as schedule for the benefit of our enjoyment of the game and our efficiency. During brakes  we do in order:
- 5-10 min piss/drink/stretch brake
- 5-10 min Tactical discussion, also useful for assessing what tactical outfit resources we want to spend in our current situation
- 1-5 min reforming squads,
- 2 min grouping in formation (yes this is also important)
And we move out with full resources and a new plan

Last off i will say that: i don't care what stigmatized person use this and who thinks its dumb or silly. We should implement drill-like squads-line-up-in-formation excersise before we roll out. Yes some think its silly, some think its lame because XYTard-person does it, or its a waste of time. but i believe it provides a nice get-into-the-proper-mind-set exercise. Is a nice change of tone to brake up the sometimes monotonous rhythm of playing a proper Drop-Wipe-Repeat Ops.
Along with God-saw/archer squads, harasser/armour/air squads and other tactics that we should also utilize a lot more. In stead of grinding ourselves out each time we have a 4+ hour Gal-hoping ops like we often do.

More will probably come to mind, and we still need more info about the changes to come. But lets start somewhere for now.

That is damn good input.
Thank you too both of you!

@MrFFF maybe you have me a few ideas ^^


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