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Lets start a topic for this.

I think we need the following stuff:

1. A meeting on this Sunday
2. Postponing the birthday? This may not be a good idea as the patch can also be postponed
3. Discussing the streamlining of outfit leadership

Meeting this Sunday 19.00 CET?

Not postponing the birthday in my opinion - we will have a blast either way and maybe can tease in more people after wards anyway. I will write the party invitation with a summary of the upcoming update.

Streamlining the outfit was already started in council internals.
So far we want to clean the ranks of PLs/SLs who haven't been online for a certain amount of time.
Also we want to tackle the council and its inactive leaders.

I would merge the SL and PL rank in-game, also cleaning out the ranks is a good idea

Suggested that one long ago, wasn't well received. We can try again

Things are changing :)


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