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Scrim Master: World Champions 2017



Good evening Members and visitors from the Re4pers.

In the weekends of 1st - 3th September and 8th - 10th September, The Re4pers will join (in cooperation with the outfit Red Mist) the Scrim Master World Champions Tournament. In that weekend we will try to take home the price of best team of that Tournament.

In the last couple of months The Re4pers and Red Mist joined forces to make a competitive team from both sides and worked together to finalized the team to get in shape for the SME tournament. So today we can announce that the team is complete and that the roster has been entered to the sign up. This means that we need your support those weekends for the team (Re4pers and Red Mist) by joining the live streams on Twitch.

Below are some additional information about the team and the tournament

* Team Name: R4M
* Team Tag: [R4M]
* Team Roster:
* SME Info:
* SME Twitch streams:
* SME_Official:
* SME Official 2:
* SME Official 3:

We from the Re4pers are wishing the guy's from Red Mist and Re4pers good luck at the Tournament and hoping for the best.



* Draft Schedule:
* Stream Schedule:


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