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General Community Meeting on TS


Dear Re4pers,

the wind of change is blowing and its time to think about some issues in our structure. Much more its time to finally meet each other on TS for a constructive matter. And if the latest incidents have shown one thing for me, than its that we have splitted our community too much between the officers or verterans and the new players here. Most of the communication about the rules, the goals and the problems we had were discussed there and not in the public. Lets step back a little and find our democratic heart, the spirtit of the rep4ers and with that the porpuse of this community: Having fun playing a game together.

Agenda (by now, there can be things added spontanious):

1. How can we clean up and sipmlify the forum to get new re4pers more active here and motivate people to make rank
2. Should we open the SL&PL recruitment again
3. Leadership needs to pick some of the SLs and offer them a promotion to PL?
4. Restrict the outfit recruitment to people that are applying on our website only (maybe raise the age to 18)?
5. Make a more detailed self introduction thread mandatory for new recruits to raise their activity level?
6. How to deal with the report list?
7. Should we rebuild a new competative squad? Do we want to get into the ServerSmash again?

Meeting will be on Sunday, 12th of July at 19:00 CET on our TS.

Fear the re4pers!


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