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Dear Re4pers,

we have some unwritten rules that need to be implemented into our standard ruleset:

1. Recruits are not allowed to open or lead a squad or a platoon unless there is a special permission from the outfit lead.

2. Soldiers are not allowed to open squads or platoons. They can take squad or platoon leads of existing forces when an officer is online and supervising them. When this officer needs to leave, the lead needs to be taken back and the squad/platoon needs to be disbanded

3. If there is not leading personal present, squads and platoons need to be disbanded. Use the slash command: /squad disband or /platoon disband.

These rules are important to keep the high standard we provide in our platoons.

Fear the Re4pers!

hi Bunk

I started a re4pers squad on Sunday morning(mixed outfits and non outfits). this turned into a platoon. all the squad leaders where Re4pers and I had FelixtheLion as senior supervising over me. this was during a Hossin Alert where we lost by 2%. after Felix leaving I disbanded platoon. this was not requested from my side to open platoon, nor was there any permission granted from senior members to open a platoon. I did name the platoon accordingly as Reaapers on Hossin Alert.
please let me know if this was wrong of me/
if so I wont open one again.


Well, you are a longtime Re4per and I know that you have a lot of experience. The big question here is if you had a mic on and if you were able to speak to the platoon. Platoon and Squad Leaders should always speak to the platoon/squad... thats our standard. If you had a mic and felix was there, it was ok.


--- Quote from: TheBUNKSTER on 20/04/2015, 10:12 ---2. Soldiers are not allowed to open squads or platoons.

--- End quote ---
About this part. Could it be possible for soldiers to open up Re4pers only squad and keep it re4pers only? Especially in daytime there are not so many squadleaders present and there are pretty well known soldiers who can take lead of a re4pers only squad.

In my opinion it should always be a squad, never a platoon in these cases.

Problem is that this always gets out of hand at some point. Squad lead is shifting randomly and after some invites a bravo squad appears ... and no one knows how to close it and nobody wants to close it. It happens often that somehow these closed squad are open aften some changes of the lead. This is the start of the Re4-zerg-platoon. And we dont like re4-zerg-platoons.

I know it sounds hard, but these changes are the only way to maintain order and quality. You can play in other outfits squads till a re4 squad or platoon leader gets online.

When officers get online they should open a squad and call out in outfit for that.

EDIT: Of course you can have a squad as soldier, but only when an officers agrees to supervise you and you make sure to give the squad lead back to the officer when you leave.

Thx for your understanding.


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